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Council extends partnerships with senior centres, unlocks €24K for 2017

Signatura conveni majors 2017Formentera Council president Jaume Ferrer has signed partnerships with four seniors and retirees associations on the island. Under the 12-month deals, the Council will give €24,000 towards maintaining the centres and ongoing services, creating and running projects for the elderly, developing intergenerational workshops and other programmes of interest to the aged in 2017.

Ferrer sat down with Margarita Sanchís, chair of the Sant Francesc retirees and pensioners club, to sign a deal for €9K. He also formalised a €6.5K agreement with the head of Sant Ferran's social centre/seniors club, Rita Costa, and signed €4.5K and €4K deals with the pensioners' and elderly groups of la Savina and el Pilar de la Mola. Those clubs' respective chairpersons, Maria Costa and Jaume Escandell, were also present for the signing.

In plenary, attendees adopt plan on dependent care centre

Foto ple juliol 2017 1Today saw the celebration of the Formentera Council's July plenary session. The meeting brought approval for a proposed measure to partner with the Balearic Islands' department of social services and cooperation in building a care centre for dependent persons on the island.

The deal, explained social welfare secretary Vanessa Parellada, defines the centre's total cost (€1.2 million) and the share to be paid by each side (in the Govern's case, 70%; in the CiF's, 30%). Given Formentera's eligibility under the Palma administration's financing scheme for dependent individuals, day-to-day operation costs at the new centre—between €63 and €68 a day—will also be split.

The Formentera Council owns the land where construction is planned, a plot adjacent to the current care centre for the elderly. The new building will support 18 occupants and, by virtue of a hallway physically linking it to the senior residence, will also share resources like kitchens, laundry rooms and services like physiotherapy.

Dismissal of CFd
Members of the plenary also voted unanimously to dissolve Formentera's development consortium, Consorci Formentera Desenvolupament (CFd). As president's office secretary Bartomeu Escandell pointed out, the CFd's executive board met for the last time on Friday, leaving the Council to take on the consortium's rights and obligations. The body's outstanding debts will now be divided between the two administrations. One €5.1m bill will be picked up by the Govern alone; another, for €1.9m, will be split 70-30 between Palma and Formentera. The money must fund renewal of heritage sites, new environment and sports infrastructure and urban improvements.

Councillor Escandell, citing among the CFd's past achievements their purchase of land for the Formentera hospital and Guardia Civil barracks and payment of road upgrades, called the CFd's dissolution “part of an effort to streamline local government”.

Representatives of all parties were united in support for a proposal from the Popular Party (PP) to clearly separate Eivissa and Formentera when collecting statistics at the administration level.

Wildfire prevention
The day's session also saw a green light for wildfire prevention measures proposed by the socialist party. Councillor Escandell highlighted yearly educational pushes by the Govern balear and Ibanat, the regional institute of nature, that enjoy the Council's cooperation, as well as some campaigns the Council heads up itself. The Council has been behind campaigns to encourage residents in forested areas to create safe zones. In the past, the administration teamed up with Ibanat to establish such a buffer in la Mola's es Ram neighbourhood.

Occupants of Sant Ferran's 14 low-cost housing units get keys

Entrega claus hpoFormentera Council chairman Jaume Ferrer was joined today by the Balearic Islands' president and land, energy and mobility secretary, Francina Armengol and Marc Pons, plus the head of land and tourism on Formentera, Alejandra Ferrer, in turning over the keys to 14 officially-protected housing units in Sant Ferran.

Ferrer, who was “thrilled to be taking part in the event,” proclaimed: “This is a proud moment for all of us, particularly because it will offset part of the burden of Formentera's housing crunch”. Over and above planned improvements in the centre of Sant Ferran, officials say they will continue efforts to position the town as a social hub. According to Ferrer, the new homes' status as “social housing”—a longstanding request of the administration—means turnover can remain high, making it easier to adapt to changing needs within the community.

A satisfied President Armengol noted that left-wing administrations (first Antich's then her own) were behind both the inception and completion of the project. “It goes to show,” she said, “that we on the left we are aware that public housing is crucial”.

A total of 12 keys were turned over today. One of the homes, which is reserved for applicants with special needs, has yet to be assigned. Another is in the midst of processing.

All selected occupants are given rent-controlled leases which never exceed 30% of their income. Monthly payments start at €197 and are capped at €291 (service charges are extra). The three-year leases are renewable providing tenants can demonstrate they continue to meet criteria.

Built on a plot donated by the Formentera Council, the homes incorporate the Balearic Islands' pioneering environmental standards, which means they were eligible for EU funding as part of Life+2012. The €1,373,361 project is called Life Reusing Posidonia, and it received €754,012 in additional assistance from the Life programme.

The project, first drafted between 2010 and 2011, didn't go into construction until May 2014. The building was completed in March 2017 and is the first A-class multi-family building in the Balearics.

Based on building practices and consumption patterns, the Govern estimates that, in their useful life, the new units will equate to energy savings of 75% and a 60% drop in water consumption.

Also on hand for the ceremony were the Council's vice-chairman, Bartomeu Escandell, plus Daisee Aguilera and Vanessa Parellada, the administration's secretaries of environment and social welfare.

Formentera Council pushes back after PP calls to cut 9 officers from local force

Foto policia localThe Formentera Council has submitted comments in hopes of stalling the execution of an order—sentència número 87—issued by the Balearic high court of justice on February 28, 2017. In its ruling, the judicial authority decided to annul the appointment of nine members of Formentera's local police force even though they had passed the competitive exams called by the Council in 2014 to find permanent staff. According to president's office secretary Bartomeu Escandell, “the Spanish government has made this request despite the fact it gravely imperils our island's police force, which today stands at 13”.

The Popular Party (PP) has argued that the string of new hires in 2014 fell foul of the so-called “law on rationalisation” asking administrations to save in times of hardship. Escandell says that, today, three years after announcing the selection process and given Formentera's need for police manpower, to request execution of the high court's ruling would “be at odds with our islanders' best interests and jeopardise our security”. Escandell also pointed out: “At the same time they have asked us to cut job positions on Formentera, the national government has announced plans to fill 5,197 new positions across police and civil guard forces.”

Madrid's delegation on the island appealed a CiF government commission's green-lighting, August 22, 2014, of plans to fill nine positions on Formentera's local police force. Administrative court number one of Palma dismissed that appeal on September 1, 2016, but the PP-led administration responded by filing another appeal. On February 28, the administrative chamber of the Balearic Islands superior court of justice issued sentència número 87, invalidating the Council's initial call for applicants. It is the Formentera Council's hope that the ruling not be carried out.

Local health workers get Formentera's gold medal for 2017

foto diada formentera 0179At 8.30pm this evening, the Formentera Council held its official Diada de Formentera celebration. The gala honoured individuals or groups determined by unanimous vote in CiF plenary to be worthy of distinction.

2017's gold medal (la Medalla d'Or) went to Formentera's community of professional health workers. The award salutes the work of individuals employed in a diverse array of positions like support, treatment, care and wellbeing, not least for their work and dedication as executors of the universal right to health.

Sant Jaume awards
Three Sant Jaume awards (premis) were also handed out. Pilar Castelló Ramon (Sant Joan de Labritja, 1953), for one, was praised for her work in the public sector. After holding the distinction as the first career civil servant in Formentera's local administration, Castelló worked for 25 years as a teacher, speech therapist and director Mestre Lluis Andreu primary school prior to retirement.

The accolade was also given to Club Dojo Formentera in recognition for their efforts introducing martial arts on the island. After starting with judo in 1982, the dojo grew to include aikido, jujitsu, karate and kendo, keeping their focus fixed on values like personal improvement, camaraderie and hard work.

La Fonda Rafalet, a family-run inn with more than sixty years of uninterrupted service, came away with the evening's third Sant Jaume prize, a celebration of the Rafalet crew's ability, generation after generation, to adapt to the changing needs of an evolving brand of tourism.

Adoptive son
This year's adoptive son honour was given to Manu San Félix (Madrid, 1964). In addition to his research and dissemination work on underwater environments, and a career that includes reporting and professional photography, San Félix, a biologist, was commended for his efforts to raise awareness about protecting posidonia meadows.

Official address
A closing address by the chairman of the Council highlighted the fortuitousness of coinciding with the administration's ten-year anniversary this year.

On that note, Jaume Ferrer noted the event shared a birthday with another local institution, the Formentera hospital. To the CiF chair, “this is really a case where we can talk about a before and after in terms of variety and quality in locally available healthcare services”. Urging audience members to look back at past Medalla d'Or honourees, Ferrer said this year's awards were a chance to “recognise all the people who have toiled to strengthen what has often been an under-resourced service” and “everyone who has worked, and who continues to work, to improve medical care on our island”.

After thanking each of the evening's honourees, Ferrer took the chance to highlight another banner event this year: 2017 is the year of sustainable tourism. The CiF chair stressed the need to preserve Formentera's undersea environment, calling it “the most profitable investment we can make”.

Miquel Tur and Júlia Benevelli's musical duo Sweet Lure closed the evening gala. This year, the official Diada de Formentera graphics were upgraded to mark the Formentera Council's tenth anniversary.

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