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Formentera ticks all the boxes to get metred parking off the ground in Sant Francesc, Sant Ferran and Es Pujols

foto-ple-juny-2018--2-1At the Formentera Council plenary assembly today, senior councillors and representatives of Gent x Formentera, PSOE and Compromís cast decisive votes in favour of a fiscal measure concerning a metred parking-related tax in Sant Francesc, Sant Ferran, Es Pujols and La Savina.

After last week's expansion of the parking attendants force from three to 14, and with machines already on the island awaiting installation, the move is the final step before service rollout.

While the measure held particular attention as the June plenary unfolded in the conference hall of the island's dependent care centre, others commanded their share of the spotlight, too. The administration's senior councillors scored unanimous approval on several measures: a calendar of local bank holidays (Sant Jaume is July 25; Santa Maria, August 5); a general-interest notice for the Can Joan Simon power line; a preliminary move to shutter the Formentera's tourism board, the Patronat de Turisme, and the third action plan concerning drugs and other addictions. Senior councillors from Gent x Formentera used their votes to pass a draft version of the underpinnings for the island's committee on land and tourism.

The Popular Party scored unanimous support for their bid to revive the Can Marroig water circuit and equip the adult learning centre with a toilet and air conditioning.

Measures from the Socialist Party and Compromís failed to garner enough support to get off the ground.

The plenary session also featured a report from Daisee Aguilera, the administration's head of environment, and fast-track treatment of two measures, brought by senior councillors, that ended in unanimous backing. The first meant urging Eivissa's Ca na Putxa rubbish tip to start building recycling and bio-methanisation facilities, and the second involves pressing the central government to introduce the 75% discount on air and sea travel in 2018 instead of 2019.

Formentera lifeguard and rescue staff take part in training simulation

foto socorristes 2018This Friday, lifeguards at ses Illetes beach engaged in a simulated rescue exercise involving a swimmer faced with insufficient oxygen supply and subsequent cardiac failure.

As per rescue service protocol, a crew member stationed at the lifeguard tower notified a nearby patrol craft which came to the aid of the ailing swimmer. The lifeguards transported the individual from the water to the shoreline and, switching out the play victim for a dummy, practiced reanimation tasks.

Professional development
The simulation is part of the ongoing training that lifeguards on the rescue service receive. One goal of such exercises is to gauge response time in various emergency situations and put into practice a range of assistance and care techniques.

On Thursday local lifeguards attended an eight-hour training session led by representatives of the Emergency Staff company, the objective being to update and integrate some of the crew's most central tasks, like basic first aid for injuries, contusions and bleeding as well as how to immobilise victims and practise cardiopulmonary reanimation.

Full personnel
Today through September 15 the service will maintain its complete 23-person crew of lifeguards. For the second half of September the staff shrinks to 15 and through October numbers only 10.

This season lifeguard towers have been erected at two local beaches, es Caló and Cala Saona. The service has bolstered its rescue fleet and expanded its reach with the addition of a jet ski, not to mention accelerated inter-station communication with the purchase of 15 walkie-talkies. Six defibrillators have been added to the service's arsenal as well, helping lifeguards provide assistance in cases of cardiorespiratory failure.

Formentera fire crews come to aid in traffic accident

foto cotxe 2018Formentera firefighters responded to a vehicle accident that occurred at approximately 4.30pm today on camí des Mal Pas.

The accident, which involved an electric car that flipped over in the middle of the road, earned one woman minor injuries and an ambulance ride to the island's hospital.

Arriving on the scene in a fire truck and urgent response vehicle, firefighters were joined be reinforcements from the Guardia Civil, an emergency-services ambulance and the toe truck tasked with hauling off the damaged vehicle.

Community figures tackle regulation of incoming vehicles

foto CdE entrada vehicles 2a 1Yesterday the plenary hall of Formentera's dependent care centre became the site of a gathering to discuss regulating vehicle entry on the island. It was the second one-off session to date in which the league of community leaders, or Consell d'Entitats, addressed the issue.

Attendees presented an assorted representation of local civil society and business and political spheres. The meeting was chaired by Balearic first minister Francina Armengol, Formentera Council president Jaume Ferrer, regional minister of land, energy and mobility Marc Pons, and two CiF secretaries, Rafael González (of the infrastructure and mobility offices) and Sònia Cardona (of citizen participation).

After a review of proceedings carried out to date, officials unveiled the final version of a local draft bill for environmental and financial sustainability. The draft legislation, open to comments until recently, will now be submitted for scrutiny by the Consell d'Entitats. Of twenty comments issued by a range of agencies, businesses and political parties, forty per cent were appraised.

The future ordinance will empower the Formentera Council to limit the flow of incoming traffic, use environmental standards to determine how vehicles can circulate once on the island, fix a maximum number of rental vehicles, and promote electric and less-polluting transportation in the public and private sectors.

New features of draft bill
Individuals with homes on Formentera and Eivissa residents employed on Formentera will be considered locals and thus exempt from regulated vehicle access. Regulation will likewise be waived for Formentera-natives who live outside the island but return for serious, family-related reasons.

The Council will set a special priority quota offering Eivissa residents facilitated access as well. The quota will be based on visitor figures taken this summer.

Transport companies will be held responsible for letting travellers know about the special permit requirement to drive on the island. Nevertheless, the firms themselves will not be forced to block access to anyone nor prevent individuals from disembarking on Formentera or purchasing tickets to travel here. Compliance with authorisation requirements is the sole responsibility of registered vehicle owners.

Drivers must have in their possession a decal attesting to the fact a vehicle has received clearance. Fines for driving a vehicle without autorisation vary from €1000 to €10,000 depending on the seriousness of the infraction.

Processing and approval
On the back on yesterday's scrutiny of the measure by the Consell d'Entitats, the draft bill will come before a subcommittee charged with reviewing its financial and social components. Cabinet approval could come as soon as August. Pending an ensuing vote by the regional parliament, the measure could see final approval by year end 2018.

The measure could enter into force, making regulation of incoming vehicles a reality, by next summer.

Formentera Council lists two openings within administration

foto borsa de treball 2018The Formentera Council is announcing the conditions of eligibility for two job posts: one, for an administrative assistant and another, for a library aide.

Individuals interested applying to the administrative position can review the terms on the website of the Balearic Islands job seekers' service (the BOIB), the Council's own website (by clicking on the human resources tab from the bulletin board), or at the physical bulletin board of the Citizen Information Office (the OAC).

The deadline is ten calendar days from the publication of eligibility requirements on the BOIB website. Candidates can submit their applications in person at the OAC, or online via the OVAC.

Applicants to the administrative position have until Monday, June 18 to apply, while candidates for the library aide opening must do so by Wednesday, June 20.

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