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Council signs deal with taxi drivers' association to help geolocate remote homes

Foto conveni taxisThe Formentera Council and the local taxi drivers' association (Associació de Taxistes de Formentera) have signed a deal giving the group access to GPS information on remote lots and other areas of the island. Council chairman Jaume Ferrer and José Antonio Ferrer, the group's leader, made the deal official today.

The Council uses an app, called TwoNav, which provides maps and information about properties across Formentera. Aimed at expanding and improving the island's taxi service, the deal will allow the cabbies' association access to TwoNav's data.

Man arrested for impinging on public health, traffic safety

Formentera local police have charged a 29-year-old Dominican man with infringing public health and traffic safety laws. The events, which took place yesterday at 6.10pm on the la Savina road avinguda Mediterrània, saw officers stop the accused as he rode a motorscooter. He was found to be carrying 55 grams of cocaine and without a driving licence. He appeared before a judge today.

Meet Formentera's summer lifeguard crew

Foto grup socorristesThe Formentera Council presented today the names of the 24 individuals that make up the island's lifeguard service. At 9.00am this morning, CiF president Jaume Ferrer and Bartomeu Escandell, chief of the president's office, gathered for a photo-op with the full crew in Sant Francesc's central plaza, plaça de la Constitució.

During high-season, which starts today and continues to September 15, twenty-four people will be in charge of assuring Formentera swimmers' well-being. Safety and rescue services are maintained May 1 to October 31—in the second half of September the crew's ranks slim to 15, then drop again to ten for the period from September 30 to October 31. The pre-summer brigade also numbers ten lifeguards.

This year for the first time, patrol of the Es Caló beach Ses Platgetes will also be maintained. Likewise, June 1 marked the return of supervision at Cala Saona, which began last year.

Patrol at Es Trucadors
Another change involves the purchase of a five-metre boat, with which the crew will keep watch over Es Pas des Trucadors. Just yesterday, lifeguards attended a refresher course on day-to-day functions like prevention and minor care for incidents like jellyfish stings and heat stroke.

Likewise, the Formentera Council has added to its arsenal items such as first-aid rucksacks, oxygen-therapy devices and two defibrillators for use in Es Caló and Cala Saona.

Accessible beaches
Beachgoers should bear in mind that Arenals and Es Pujols beaches are equipped to allow swimming for people with reduced mobility. The service can be requested by phoning 609.76.85.06 and is available between 12 noon and 5.00pm whenever the green flag flies.

Partnership with OCB aims to build on Formentera's cultural capital

Foto conveni ocbToday, Formentera Council president Jaume Ferrer met with the deputy chair of the local chapter of regional cultural association Obra Cultural Balear (OCB) to sign into effect a deal aimed at “expanding cultural programming on Formentera in 2017”.

Under the deal, OCB Formentera promises to head up organising for “Primavera de cultura”. “Cultural spring” in English, the yearly gathering and its array of presentations on new publications, panel discussions, roundtables and poetry readings coincides with celebrations surrounding Sant Jordi day on April 23. OCB will also be on the hook for cultural publications and material on Formentera's historical and natural heritage, not to mention, as a prime mover of local culture, advisory work and research.

The Council has pledged to provide up to €7,000 to support OCB Formentera's efforts.

Efforts to tackle illegal itinerant selling

In a joint operation between Formentera local police and the island's Guardia Civil forces, law enforcement agents executed an operation that led to eight charges of itinerant vending. Among the clothes, costume jewellery and fruit confiscated by officers were 46 pairs of French knickers, 23 dresses, 107 coconuts, 15 pineapples, 31 plastic containers of fruit and 11 bracelets.

For Bartomeu Escandell, chief of the president's office as well as head of the local police, the importance of rooting out itinerant peddling stems from the damage such unfair competition does to local businesses. “Illegal activity,” he said, “of the sort carried out by waterfront vendors undercuts the image of tranquility we want our visitors to be able to enjoy”. Escandell pledged the Council would continue to orchestrate efforts to tackle the practice.

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