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New vehicle promises to help CiF firefirefighters cut response times

Foto presentació pick upThe president's office of the Formentera Council (CiF) has recently added a pickup truck to the local fire brigade's fleet of motor vehicles. Department head Bartomeu Escandell and brigade chief Iván Marí spoke about the rapid response machine in a presentation that took place this morning in plaça de la Constitució.

Escandell projected the new acquisition would shorten response times and provide increased accessibility in emergency situations, a factor that is especially significant since hard to reach locations abound on the island. The truck was purchased for fifty thousand euros. The fire brigade's fleet includes two fire engines with mounted water pumps and one additional rapid response vehicle.

Formentera fire crew tames flames of warehouse fire at industrial park

incendi polígon industrialThe Formentera fire brigade extinguished a blaze in the early hours of the morning at Formentera’s industrial park. Firefighters, who received notice of the fire at 12.02am and arrived on the scene nine minutes later, had the flames under control by 12.55am. The fire was declared fully extinguished at 3.00am. The response team, besides a four-person crew of Council firefighters operating a fire engine, included civil protection volunteers, an ambulance team and employees of the Guardia Civil.

The fire broke out in a garage at the Sant Francesc industrial park. An estimated 250 square metres were reported burned, including equipment, a van, an office space and a storage area located on an upper storey of the warehouse. The fire crew said that a carpenter’s shop and storage space adjacent to the warehouse suffered smoke damage. The cause of the fire is as yet unknown. The Guardia Civil is investigating.

Council extends parting gift to Sevilla team

foto entrega sevilla fcIn a show of appreciation for the team's visit to Formentera, CiF president Jaume Ferrer extended a gift to Sevilla F.C.'s president José Castro. The gesture came on the back of last Wednesday's Copa del Rey round of 32 fixture, held on the island, which saw Castro's Sevillistas facing off against S.D. Formentera. The gift —a carved piece of savin juniper engraved with a silver-embossed image of the island, a compass rose and waves— bears a small plaque that reads marked with the date, November 30, 2016, of the occasion. Crafted by local artisans Jordi Peñaranda and Mamaplata Formentera, the offering will take its place in the Andalusian club's trophy cabinet.

Ferrer voiced thanks to Formentera locals for their warm welcome of the team and its supporters as well as the exemplary conduct of Formenterencs —not to mention fans from places like Eivissa— at a face-off which is already being qualified as historic. Trumpeting reviews qualifying the event's organisation as “excellent,” the Council president commented: “This is our first time hosting a match with a premiere club and I'm extremely proud of the way our residents have carried themselves.”

Response teams locate 12.5% of cases thanks to new geolocalisation system

foto reunio emergenciesBartomeu Escandell, councillor of the Formentera Council president's office, met today with head of emergency services Pere Perelló and representatives of emergency response services on the island including local police, ambulance crews, 112 urgent response, Guardia Civil, civil protection, Ibanat, firefighters, social workers and employees of the court, not to mention the heads of the company contracted to implement the geolocalisation system in Formentera's rural areas.

According to Escandell the purpose of the encounter was to “take stock of the first year of the pioneer service of the Formentera Council”. Of the 1,004 incidents reported on the island between May 13 and November 29, Perelló noted that emergency crews had been able to locate the site thanks to the geolocalisation service in 12.5% of the cases. Representatives of Formentera's urgent response services signalled improvements both in their ability to find sites and in their response time.

The Council gave emergency codes to 3,600 homes situated in remote locations. Approximately 1,000 more were assigned to sites on public land. The initiative receives 183,436 euros in funding, a sum that is provided in equal parts by the Council and the Leader fund of the European Union. The councillor highlighted special mention received by the programme in the Leader fund's magazine, which called it “an innovative project”.

Council and APB strike deal to turn over la Mola lighthouse

signatura cif apbJaume Ferrer and Joan Gual de Torrella, presidents of the Formentera Council (CiF) and the port authority of the Balearic Islands (APB), met this morning in Palma, on Mallorca, to finalise a deal handing the Formentera administration control of the land and outbuildings in the immediate vicinity of la Mola's lighthouse. The move comes as part of a broader effort to establish the landmark as a centre of cultural and musical programming.

The lighthouse occupies land that is controlled by APB, however, under today's agreement, cultural and musical activity on the premises shall not affect the monument's daytime and nighttime use as a lighthouse for maritime traffic.

Ferrer announced yesterday as he unveiled the administration's 2017 budget that, following today's signing, the parties would proceed to drafting executive plans for the project. Meanwhile, the Council is also applying for funding —potentially covering €600,000, or half the project's total cost— under the EU's European Regional Development Fund. Works are expected to get under way in the second quarter of the coming year.

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