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Formentera Local Police use drone to make sure islanders obeying rules of confinement

foto 2020 dron1Starting today, Formentera Local Police will rely on a drone to help enforce rules of confinement. Supplementing patrols already being carried out by law enforcement, the aircraft will be used to ensure islanders follow orders and stay in their homes, save for outings for activities specifically permitted under the state of alarm.

“Flights will focus on wide open spaces where ground surveillance is poses particular problems”, said interior conseller Josep Marí, “and if someone is found breaking the rules, officers will proceed to the scene to issue a ticket.”

It is hoped that the measure, which is the latest among a battery of controls already being deployed on island highways and roads, will deter islanders from disobeying confinement guidelines. The drone has a runtime of two hours and a camera with zoom capability. Random drone flights will continue until the state of alarm is lifted.

3 April 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Formentera Local Police write 30 tickets in days since state of alarm declared

Foto 2020 Control Poli SFerranAccording to the Formentera Department of Interior, local law enforcement have issued 30 citations to individuals who violated confinement orders laid out by the state of alarm proclamation. The local bureau of the central government is responsible for processing the infractions and determining corresponding fines. All the cases involved individuals who had left their house without a valid motive.

In the words of department chief Josep Marí, “we wish we hadn’t had to issue a single one of the thirty”. He added that Monday marked the rollout of increasingly restrictive state of alarm-related measures aimed at preventing as many transmissions as possible: “The only trips out of the house must be absolutely essential. And when we do go out, every single time we need to be following safety measures dutifully; not just for our own protection, but for other’s as well”.

1 April 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Formentera Local Police enforce safety measures at construction sites

foto 2020 policia control obresIn an effort to limit coronavirus exposure and safeguard the health of not just workers but islanders at large, local law enforcement have taken to construction sites across the island to raise awareness and see to it that safety measures are being respected.

As the Covid-19 health crisis continues, construction is one of the sectors of the economy that remains active, with agreement still elusive regarding the reduction or suspension of services. Even still, staff of construction firms are required to adopt a series of specific preventive measures.

Among the health protocol that businesses and employees must follow are preventive measures as regards travel and construction workers.

Local officers of the law oversee patrols and hand out material to educate people on steps to follow such as physical distancing, thorough cleaning of tools and machinery and proper use of safety materials.

Weekend of stops on highways and country roads
Chief of interior Josep Marí applauded “the fabulous work during the health crisis of local police”. “Officers are already stopping people on highways and backroads and this weekend those patrols will be ramped up across country roads and at the entrances of beaches and the nature reserve”, he said, saying that the idea is to make sure everyone obeys the rules of confinement or else has a valid motive for leaving the house. Members of Civil Protection will be deployed to help as well.

Formentera’s police officers, too, will be following a set of strict measures to avoid transmission of coronavirus amongst themselves. Although partners will remain fixed so one sick officer doesn’t contaminate the whole force, officers will no longer travel two to a car. Officers must also wash their hands and their vehicles, among other measures, indicated Conseller Marí.

27 March 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Tally of tickets for breaking rules of confinement hits 15

foto 2020 policia 2The Formentera Department of Interior reports that local law enforcement have used legislation from 9 July 2015 on the national protection system (Ley 17/2015) in issuing 15 citations to islanders for flouting confinement orders in the days since the state of alarm was declared. Fines, which are determined by the local office of the Spanish central government, vary from €1,500 to €30,000. Across the board, infractions involved individuals who had left home without a valid motive.

Conseller of the interior Josep Marí insisted that, infractions aside, islanders are generally heeding the rules following the declaration of state of alarm. Formentera’s inhabitants are called on to limit travel to a handful of specific cases. “All non-essential movement is out”, Marí asserted, “and people need to plan their trips to the grocery store wisely and and get them out of the way”. “The experts are saying this week will be crucial in terms of how the crisis develops, so we need to be extremely careful; now isn’t the time to be letting our guard down”.

Both Formentera Local Police and the Civil Guard will continue making traffic stops to see to it people play by the rules of confinement as laid out in the state of alarm, but according to Conseller Marí, “it’s vital people be responsible: we’ve got a tough two weeks ahead of us, but if everyone does their part, we’ll get through it”.

24 March 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

In first, Formentera Local Police roll out speed traps and drug stings

policia-local-formentera-20201Formentera law enforcement unveiled a review of the force’s efforts in 2019 today, with interior councillor Josep Marí highlighting efforts to ramp up policing of itinerant vending, traffic violations and safety hasards in urban settings—an area that falls within the jurisdiction of the island’s local government.

For the first time in history, and certainly in 2019, local police pulled over motorists who sped on urban arterials—145 were given infractions. In another first, police administered roadside sobriety tests and 21 drivers tested positive. Also this summer, the force reported 257 cases of illegal vending—that’s 142 more than in 2018, when the total was 115.

Accidents and arrests
Officers intervened in 33 accidents—14 that had occurred on town roads and 19 on intertown roads. In the process, 13 individuals were detained and turned over to the Guárdia Civil.

Infractions of municipal ordinances
Twelve individuals were cited for violating the island’s rule against camping, 8 were written up for aggressive advertising on the public thoroughfare, 4 for allowing pets to go without a lead and 5 for failing to respect restrictions on building. Forty individuals were reported for violating the public safety law (llei de seguretat ciutadana) by carrying drugs, and another two for resisting. As far as itinerant vending is concerned, 23 citations were written for possession of a weapon (knives for cutting fruit) and another 8 went out for infractions of safeguards to protect areas of dune regeneration.

Lost objects and canine unit
Of 295 objects that were found, 133 —nearly half— were returned to their owners. The canine unit took part in 34 anti-drug measures in public areas like squares and parks.

Police liaison
Formentera’s police liaison intervened 82 times in 2019—14 of the cases involved bullying or cyberbullying, 2 involved vandalism, 16 underage consumption of alcohol or drugs near a schol, 16 family conflicts, 11 truancy. Likewise, young people attended 21 school talks about emerging technologies, bullying and drugs, while parents were invited to 3 such talks.

5 February 2020
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

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