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Consell de Formentera revives volunteer language exchange

The Language Advisory Service (SAL) of the Consell de Formentera is pleased to announce that it has reactivated "Shall we talk?" (Parlam?), a language exchance programme which consists in putting people keen to share their Catalan in contact with people keen to learn it better, gain confidence or simply practice it.

Whether volunteers or beneficiaries, participants need only be 18 or older, have one hour available per week and commit to meeting a minimum of five times. The first encounter is always arranged through the Language Advisory Service and takes place, after the first contact, in a local bar. In fact, the first round at this meeting will be paid for by the SAL.

Raquel Guasch, councillor of language policy, remarked that this initiative is about "creating new spaces for conversation where learners can use Catalan with more confidence".

To register, interested parties should send an email to sal@conselldeformentera.cat and a first meeting will be arranged with the language partner based on availability.

24 November 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2022xi voluntariat

Consell performs upkeep and conservation work at Sa Senieta

foto 2022xi senieta AThe Formentera Office of Heritage is pleased to report on recent work to maintain and preserve the Sa Senieta building.

In late August, part of the flat roof of this listed building was waterproofed, and in recent weeks, crews applied lime mortar in targeted consolidation work and whitewashed facades with lime to protect and preserve the walls.

These operations, part of a technical proposal prepared and led by a specialist in cultural asset restoration, were supervised at all times by the Formentera Office of Heritage. The approximate cost of the operations is €33,000.

Raquel Guasch, councillor of heritage, cast the actions as "necessary to maintaining and preserving Sa Senieta" and "a key step before we can draft plans to convert the former home into the future headquarters of the Museum of Formentera".

Funding is expected to come from the Balearic government, which currently has use rights to develop plans to convert Sa Senieta into one of three future headquarters of the island's museum.

15 November 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Consell restores signposting at cairns marking land granted to Marc Ferrer and Antoni Blanc

foto 2022xi fita 1The Formentera Office of Heritage has replaced signage at milestones of the royal graces accorded to Marc Ferrer and Antoni Blanc that had been lost due to exposure to the elements. In total, eleven plaques have been installed at the cairns. In 2005, the then Consell d'Eivissa i Formentera commissioned architect Marià Castelló to oversee the project to identify, signpost and restore the landmarks.

According to Raquel Guasch, councillor of heritage, "the architect designed steel plaques highlighting information about the landmarks. Over time the engravings were eroded, and we have now put them back according to the original design". In the words of the councillor, "we wanted to recover that delimitation, which is part of our history".

In 1695, Ibizan Marc Ferrer de Joan was imprisoned in the Towers of Serrans in Valencia because of a mattering involving the University of Eivissa and Formentera. In compensation, he asked the king for half a league of forest on the then uninhabited island of Formentera. The king granted the request and in 1697 Ferrer took possession of the land in question, delimiting it with the landmarks that the project led by Marià Castelló project restores and signposts.

10 November 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Push to map Formentera's underwater archaeology enters phase two

The Formentera Office of Heritage is pleased to announce the start of phase two of Formentera's Underwater Archaeological Map, a project which is overseen locally by the Balearic Institute of Studies in Maritime Archaeology (IBEAM). The progress comes after Ana Juan, president of the Consell de Formentera, and Enrique Aragón Núñez, president of IBEAM, signed an agreement this August to push forward this immensely valuable scientific endeavour.

Raquel Guasch, councillor of heritage, cast the impulse to revamp the map as proof of "local government's interest in researching and safeguarding Formentera's underwater historical heritage", as well as "its commitment to disseminating this work among the local population".

On completion of phase one, the Consell renewed its collaboration with IBEAM to continue locating and documenting archaeological sites on the seabed of Formentera's inland waters, particularly deep-sea sites and those which are affected by human activities. IBEAM will also periodically inspect previously detected undersea sites and continue to collect information from existing literature and archives. Moreover, team members will incorporate newly collected data in the database and geographic information system (GIS) developed during phase one and deploy targeted preservation, safeguarding and preventive conservation measures at subaquatic archaeological sites and on specific features of those sites.

Phase two will also involve disseminating these efforts, educating islanders about undersea cultural heritage and promoting the SOS Patrimoni campaign, with the aim of making Formentera's underwater heritage more accessible to residents of the island.

Presenting findings from first mapping effort
This Friday at 7.00pm in La Savina, the Nautical Sports Centre (CENF) will host a presentation of findings from the first Underwater Archaeological Map of Formentera, which was completed between 2015 and 2020. Councillor Guasch and IBEAM project director Javier Rodríguez Pandozi will lead the presentation.

2 November 2022
Communications Office
Council of Formentera

cartell 2022xi subac

Consell de Formentera unveils 'Som clau' campaign to promote cultural transmission

The Language Advisory Service of the Consell de Formentera in collaboration with the Balearic Office of Language Policy has presented a new push trumpeting the importance of passing on Formentera's cultural and linguistic heritage.

Visible on social media and urban noticeboards, "We're Key" (Som clau) encourages residents to ask questions about the island's architectural heritage, fishing tackle, ingredients in flaó and place names.

In the words of Raquel Guasch Ferrer, councillor of cultural heritage and language policy, "Som clau is about the importance of preserving language; the history enclosed in Formentera's place names; knowledge of fishing tackle; even how to distinguish between a traditional cistern and aljub. Beyond highlighting these data, we're acknowledging their value and showing that if as a society we don't know how to pass them on between generations and to newcomers, we're going to lose them".

In that sense, the councillor pointed out that the Som clau slogan speaks to the importance of individual islanders, and the role everyone must play in society: "Not only does the public administration have to work harder, but each one of us can and must transmit the collective legacy we have inherited, even just by speaking Catalan to those who are still learning and don't speak it. By explaining our place names and using them correctly, we are passing on and maintaining everything we learned in our day that makes us who we are".

Every Friday a question will be posted to social media and solved in a video published the following Monday. The protagonists, who pick apart and make sense of the question, also narrate their experience of how they learned what they know. The first five installations will be presented starting today and during the month of November.

28 October 2022
Communications Office

Consell de Formentera

cartell 2022x som clau


video 2022xi som clau 1


cartell 2022xi com es diu


video 2022xi com es diu


cartell 2022xi som clau 3


foto 2022xi som clau 3


foto 2022xi som clau 4 Q


foto 2022xi som clau 4 R


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foto 2022xii som clau 5 R

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