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La Mola neighbourhood meetup

Cartell reunio veins la mola def webAt 7.00pm on Tuesday, November 21, la Mola's Casa del Poble will host a gathering to update area residents on the progress of initiatives in the neighbourhood. President Jaume Ferrer and the administration's cabinet councillors will outline anticipated upgrades of the town's central square as well as plans to remodel and rebrand la Mola's lighthouse as a facility with multiple functions, among them as a cultural venue.

Formentera pupils assemble for intra-school field day

Jornada esportiva de germanor fotoFor the schoolchildren of Formentera, the administration's Office of Sport has coordinated an all-island field day at the municipal sports pitch, part of the activities programme celebrating World Children's Day.

The 650 six- to twelve-year-olds enrolled across the island's three primary schools, in Sant Francesc, Sant Ferran and la Mola, participated in the event, which took place during school hours.

The idea, says councillor of sport Jordi Vidal, is “for children to come together and play in a way that promotes fitness and companionship between pupils of the island's different schools”.

To get there, organisers have put together a series of activities revolving around socialising, cooperation and integration. Councillor Vidal thanked Formentera schools and the Balearic federation for inclusive play for their collaboration.

Jaume Ferrer welcomes Santiago Marí on senator's visit to Formentera

Foto reunio senadorToday at the head office of the Formentera Council, President Jaume Ferrer and Councillor Susana Labrador sat down with Santiago Marí, the senator of Eivissa and Formentera. The two Formentera officials seized the opportunity of Senator Marí's first official visit to speak to him about infrastructural and service-based issues related to the national government.

President Ferrer renewed some longstanding petitions on the island, that Formentera be assigned its own senator, for instance. He also highlighted the Formentera plenary assembly's unanimous vote urging local offices of the national police to regularly provide services such as delivery of ID cards, passports and immigration documents, and spoke about the importance of maintaining robust law enforcement and security forces in summer. The officials also asked Senator Marí to go to bat for Formentera on the issue of rubbish, so that waste transfer costs from Formentera to Eivissa receive some state funding.

Renewal of highways agreement
President Ferrer also spoke about the need to renew the two administrations' agreement on highways, which would entail upgrades on main thoroughfares like the one linking la Savina and la Mola, the road to Cala Saona, or a still incomplete stretch of the road to Es Cap. Moreover, he highlighted the pressing nature of a new power cable connecting Eivissa and Formentera, and the Council's suggested improvements to the plan.

Ferrer reminded Senator Marí that Formentera hasn't forgotten its commitment to securing “a fair delimitation of the island's coasts” and bemoaned the elusiveness of redress for those affected by “the last failed attempt to modify legislation governing the coastline”.

Next Monday: Koinonía, a look at the feminine world

rsz cavidadThe Formentera Council's Office of Culture wishes to announce the arrival, Monday, November 20, of a new show at the municipal exhibition space: Koinonía. The display of photography by Valladolid native (and Eivissa transplant) Isa Sanz is just one part of the activities programme marking International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Sanz will be on hand for the show's 8.00pm unveiling, its first iteration on the island.

The 17-portrait series of women in nature finds Sanz using photography as her expressive vehicle of choice, taking paths previously uncharted as she conveys the emotion and depth of the feminine world. Sanz brings to her craft the conceptualisation and magic necessary to make art.

As art historian Elvira Rilova quips, “Isa Sanz's Koinonía reflects a close kinship between artistic creation and underlying philosophical intuition about reality. The photo series explores feminine strength, calm, our place in nature, colour, blood, water and magic...each one critical to the construction of the feminine”.

The series was shot on Eivissa in June 2010, when, shortly after Sanz's arrival on the island, an Es Vedrà sunset stole her heart. On Eivissa, a place Sanz feels she is nourished, where everything is within her grasp, and communion is possible. “Koinonía”.

Though armed from the start with a fairly clear vision for the series, several of the portraits are the product of total improvisation. Sanz set out, with little more than her camera and a few odd objects in tow, looking for something to interact with. When she found it, she surrendered herself to the moment. The results were real, a true happening.

Koinonía is backed by ILLENC (Institut de la Llengua i la Cultura de les Illes Balears) and will be on view November 20 to December 2 in the Council's sala d'Exposicions in Sant Francesc. The exhibition is open Monday to Saturday, mornings from 11.00am to 2.00pm and evenings from 6.00pm to 8.00pm.

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