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Formentera revives classic format of Music in the Squares

Today the Formentera Office of Culture presented the summer 2022 programme for Music in the Squares [Música a les Places]. The classic format of concerts in the squares of Sant Ferran, Es Pujols, Sant Francesc and the promenade of La Savina will return from next week. The ambiance will be imbued with diverse musical styles, from world and Latin music to blues, soul, rock, heavy metal and jazz.

Susana Labrador, councillor of culture and festivals, expressed her satisfaction because "after two years in which Music in the Squares was marked by restrictions stemming from the pandemic, in 2022 we want to see Formentera's town squares as we're used to seeing them in summer: with good rhythms and music to enliven the atmosphere".

La Savina

Monday nights in La Savina are all about Mondays at the Port. From 20 June to 12 September and starting at 10.00pm, prepare for live musical performances that turn up the heat in the Marina.

Es Pujols

Es Pujols' Plaça de Europa hosts World Music, where the featured performers are Música a les Places veterans Antena Libre. Save for a month-long break in August, performances are scheduled every Thursday from 16 June to 20 October.

Sant Ferran

17 June to 23 September, every Friday from 10.00pm, it's the return of a Formentera summertime classic, as Plaça de l'Església in Sant Ferran welcomes Live Music [Música en Viu]. All summer long, count on Musical Formentera to deliver the goods and bring a festive atmosphere.

Sant Francesc

And Saturdays in the Plaça de la Constitució, the legendary Jazz in the Square [Jazz a la Plaça] will bring performances from Formentera's most endearing jazz outfit. Concerts run 18 June to 24 September, from 10.00pm.


Once again this year, Music in the Squares collaborators include Jazz & Co, Musical Formentera, Antena Libre, the Neighbourhood Association of La Savina and the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands. In addition, every two years the Consell signs an agreement with Estrella Galicia to support this musical and cultural initiative.

9 June 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2022 musica a les places

Consell asks Balearic office of consumer affairs and industry for solutions to "deficient" local distribution of butane and propane cylinders

Ana Juan, president of the Consell de Formentera and councillor of commerce, has asked the regional offices of consumer affairs and industry to take the necessary steps to rectify problems affecting the supply of butane cylinders on Formentera.

In two letters to the Balearic directors general, President Juan highlighted "the numerous complaints received from the people of Formentera about Repsol Butano's failure to properly deliver butane and propane cylinders to households and businesses on the island".

"According to the information we have received, home deliveries face delays of several weeks. This is totally unacceptable, and represents a serious prejudice to our people. One can see how an ostensibly essential service is not carried out with the necessary frequency to meet our basic needs", said the president.

9 June 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Consell de Formentera archive works to preserve town planning files burned in 1999

foto 2022vi arxiu BThe Formentera Office of Heritage has initiated efforts to preserve files damaged by a fire in the town planning department of the former Ajuntament in 1999. Today Raquel Guasch, councillor of heritage, presented current efforts at the municipal archives "to fulfil the administration's duty to preserve official documents, which are a source of information for the people of Formentera and an asset for our collective memory". Councillor Guasch asserted that "unfortunately, this fire is a dark page of our history, but we believe that these efforts are crucial. We have an obligation to preserve material that was intentionally burned".

The heritage office presented the preservation work on 9 June on the occasion of International Archives Day. Conservation and restoration experts Einam Nieves Peinado and Kena Marí Llano are overseeing the efforts within the Consell de Formentera archives. It is estimated that the team will spend 680 hours processing documents in 22 boxes containing approximately one thousand files. A budget of €7,300 has been allocated for the work.

Preservation process

In addition to the effects of the fire, the documents have also been damaged by water used to put out the flames which remained in the papers in the years since. To the extent possible, work will involve cleaning, disinfecting and reconstituting the files. The team is also extracting the material that has been sullied by dirt and microorganisms so that they do not spread and totally destroy the documents. Important classification work is also being carried out, leaving a record of the information still available and of the entire operation. The preserved material will then be stored in neutral conservation cardboard boxes.

Nieves Peinado explained that "damage to the files is not uniform. In some cases it will be possible to regroup the documents, while other files have been either totally destroyed or, given plastic in the storage material, melted together". Peinado affirmed that "all of the material shows traces of ash and remains of burnt paper. This greasiness affects even those papers that are in relatively good condition, accelerating processes of oxidation and deterioration". The team added that the conventional cardboard boxes used to store the documents is acidic, which complicates matters further.

9 June 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

"Instantáneas", the new exhibition by Álvaro Mendoza at "Ajuntament Vell"

The Formentera Office of Culture is pleased to report that from 14 to 25 June, "Ajuntament Vell" Exhibition Space will host "Instantáneas" by Álvaro Mendoza.

In his latest exhibition of nine oil paintings on canvas, the artist depicts seascapes, rural landscapes and objects with which he hopes to stop time. According to Mendoza, the exhibition "offers visitors to immerse themselves in existentialism by reflecting on the instantaneous and eternity, something we connect with as when we contemplate the works".

The artist holds a degree in architecture and was born in Colombia but has lived on Formentera since 2010. He says the island gives him "a space to coincide with time, to dialogue with the landscape, with architecture, with emptiness and absence".

The exhibition opens on Monday 13 June at 8.00pm and can be visited at the "Ajuntament Vell" Exhibition Space Monday to Saturday, 11.00am to 2.00pm and 7.00pm to 9.00pm.

The gallery is closed on Sundays, holidays and Monday mornings.

9 June 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2022 instantaneas

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