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Formentera says local law enforcement needs additional officers, inter-agency coordination to make summer safe as possible

foto 2021 JLS BMembers of Formentera’s Local Security Council (Junta Local de Seguretat) convened today for an ordinary session chaired by Consell de Formentera premiere Alejandra Ferrer and Madrid’s envoy in the Balearics, Enrique Sanchez Navarrete. Other face-to-face and online attendees included Manuel Hernández, chief commissioner of the National Police of Eivissa; Enrique Gómez Bastida, head of operations for the Balearic Islands Civil Guard; Francisco Javier López, Civil Guard captain; the heads of the Formentera Civil Guard; Formentera Local Police chief Félix Ramos and the head of the local Civil Protection corps, Francisco Moya. Among the political figures present were local interior chief Josep Marí, chief of social welfare and PSOE rep Rafael Ramírez, Gent per Formentera rep Bartomeu Escandell, Sa Unió rep Lorenzo Córdoba, regional director general of emergencies and interior Jaume Barceló and head of Balearic Islands Institute of Public Safety (ISPIB) Vicenç Martorell.

Alejandra Ferrer presented the Tourism Reactivation Plan (Pla de Reactivació Turística) to meeting attendees, pointing to the document’s division into public health measures, controls and outreach. Speaking after the gathering, Ferrer shared her hopes that the island would once again receive summer reinforcements of Civil Guard officers specialised in marine protections, maritime rescue operations, civil protection and traffic enforcement. She also asked for “reinforcements from the Balearic office of emergencies to enforce Covid safety regulations at businesses and speed up case investigations”.

Ferrer called for working meetings to“coordinate measures scheduled to take effect after emergency orders are lifted and see how we can make summer as safe and peaceful as possible and ensure an appropriate strategy for dealing with crowds”.

For his part, Sánchez Navarrete asserted such meetings were “key to improving coordination, particularly at this stage of the pandemic”and praised collaboration between the Consell and the Civil Guard, National Police and regional representatives generally. He also made assurances that the ROCA team and maritime and traffic officers of the Civil Guard would be among Formentera’s summer reinforcements.

Additionally on the agenda was Formentera’s signing of an agreement between the Spanish Ministry of Interior and Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) to improve care for victims of gender violence.

Lastly, attendees were briefed on the falling rate of local crime — a reality President Ferrer took care to nuance: “In a winter as unusual as this one, it’s impossible to compare figures from other years”.

29 April 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Formentera celebrates International Dance Day

To celebrate International Dance Day, 29 April, students of the Consell’s Escola de Música i Dansa took to social media to share a video. Dancers provide the video’s voice-over, a reading of this year’s manifesto. The text, in which the ongoing pandemic looms distinctly, was co-written by leading Stuttgart Ballet dancer Friedemann Vogel. It is reproduced below:

“Everything starts with movement; it is an instinct we all share. Dance, for its part, is movement refined in an effort to communicate something. As much as impeccable technique is important and impressive, the essence is what the dancer expresses within this movement.

As dancers, we are in constant movement, aspiring to create moments that are unforgettable. This is what every dancer, of every genre, strives to achieve. So when we are suddenly deprived of performance, with theatres closed and festivals cancelled, our worlds come to a standstill. There is no physical contact. No performances. No audience. Never in recent history has the dance community been collectively challenged to stay motivated, to find its raison d’être.

Yet it is precisely now when something precious has been taken away from us that we truly appreciate how vital what we do is and how much dance means to society at large. Often, the physical prowess of dancers is praised, when, in reality, we are even more sustained by our mental strength. I believe that this unique combination of physical and psychological agility will help us to better ourselves, to reinvent ourselves to continue to dance and inspire”.

29 April 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Consell partners with Livestock Farmers of Formentera to promote animal health and improve production systems in 2021

foto 2021 conveni ramadersConsell de Formentera premiere Alejandra Ferrer and the president of the Livestock Farmers of Formentera (Associació de Ramaders de Formentera, ARF), Juan Antonio Yern, have signed a deal to support the local livestock sector on animal health and improved production systems in 2021. The gathering was also attended by primary sector chief Josep Marí and farmers’ co-op manager Carlos Marí.

Under the arrangement, which must be renewed yearly, local government will put up €37,000 to benefit animal production and health, while ARF pledges to support production, animal welfare and efforts to identify animals on Agrupació de Defensa Sanitària-affiliated farms. ARF will additionally implement the jointly accorded provisions of the yearly Common Health Programme, not to mention continue outreach to educate member farmers about individual actions.

29 April 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Photo fans gear up for Monday 3 May opening of 18th Beni Trutmann exhibition

cartell 2021 beni TThe Formentera Department of Culture reports that on Monday 3 May, staff at the municipal exhibition space will pull back the curtain on a selection of entries from the 18th Beni Trutmann photo contest. The display will include the categories of Colour, Black and White, Social Justice, Youth and Smartphone Shots, plus various other submissions.

Islanders can see the exhibition at Sala d’Exposicions “Ajuntament Vell”, 11.00am to 2.00pm and 6.00pm to 8.00pm, Monday to Saturday, 4 to 15 May 2021. The gallery is closed Sundays and Monday mornings. Awards for this year’s contest will be handed out at 6.00pm on Monday 3 May.

29 April 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

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