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Anna Ametller connects with nature at Centre Antoni Tur ‘Gabrielet’

cartell 2021 ametllerThis Friday, 3 September, artist Anna Ametller will unveil “Reconnectant”: a showcase of the Formentera-based and Catalonia-born creator’s takes on women, plants, landscapes, the seafloor, birds and other animals that conjure feelings of connection and communion with nature. The pieces are fashioned with varying materials: iron, wood, stones and other found objects.
The show will be on view till 12 September, from 11.00 to 2.00pm and 7.00pm to 9.00pm at Centre Antoni Tur “Gabrielet”.

1 September 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

What’s on this September at the Casal de Joves

cartell 2021 casal de jovesThe Formentera Office of Youth is pleased to announce the activities lined up at the Casal de Joves this September. At 5.00pm on Wednesday the first, youth can take part in a bracelet-making workshop. On Friday, it’s the end of the Casal’s course on manga illustration, and youngsters interested in Japanese comics and culture are encouraged to come out for an afternoon of videos and themed games. The week closes with a ping-pong tournament on Saturday the 4th.

Formentera Guitars for youth
A standout feature on the September calendar happens Friday the 10th with a body percussion workshop from musician Toni Mengual. No previous knowledge of music is required to take part, just a desire to feel the musical rhythm. This activity is part of the 2021 Formentera Guitars Festival. Registration is a must.

FOY chief Vanessa Parellada encouraged young people not yet familiar with the Casal to stop by and see the kind of activities on offer. The councillor called it “content to educate and strengthen people’s capacity to think critically about the world around us while considering the preferences and wishes of others”.

On Wednesday 15, Covid-19 restrictions will be enforced as cooking workshops resume for International Chocolate Day, with young people exploring the artistic potential of the popular ingredient, and taking part in learning stations to play, eat and create.

On Saturday 18, the Casal will be a place for fun and classic board games, particularly Mikado. The following Friday, the 24th, trivia buffs can sharpen their smarts by taking part in a famous video quiz game. And next day comes with a classic: a trip to the go-kart tracks in Sant Antoni. Participants must register in advance.

The Casal de Joves is open 4.00pm to 10.00pm, Tuesday to Saturday. Register for activities by emailing casal@conselldeformentera.cat. For more information, call or send a WhatsApp to 607.142.846.

31 August 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Formentera Zen returns in late September to reconnect participants, body and mind

foto 2021 formentera zenThe Formentera Office of Tourism is pleased to announce that from 24 to 26 September the seventh Formentera Zen will take place on the island. Dedicated to holistic wellness, the programme of master classes, workshops and talks focuses on dermatology, cosmetics, beauty, psychology, psychiatry, science and wellness, nutrition, batch cooking, wellness at home, exercise, yoga and more.

Formentera has hosted the Puro Benestar-organised event seven years, said president and tourism chief Alejandra Ferrer, who insisted the aim was to give residents and visitors “a space to reconnect body and mind”. She also asserted it had become “an end-of-season filip for tourism” and a “natural fit for an island so intimately associated with health and physical and emotional wellness”.

The number of participants at this year’s Formentera Zen will be limited based on Covid constraints in force when the event is held. Capacity has been set at 150, with two-thirds of available spaces already claimed. Signups can be completed at www.formenterazen.es, where visitors can also find complete details on the programme and speakers. Formentera residents get 50% off the normal price.

Organisers say Formentera’s light, tranquility and beauty make it a unique and incomparable backdrop to experience health, wellbeing and happiness. As in 2020, complete health and safety protocol will be enforced at the event.

30 August 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Unanimous call for fewer ferries and ‘urgent’ overhaul at La Savina port

foto 2021 ple agostDecision-makers convened today for their monthly full-house gathering, securing backing for a proposed regulatory overhaul of the port of La Savina and renewing earlier pressure on the Balearic Port Authority (APB) to work with the Consell de Formentera on a plan to limit trips on the regular line to Eivissa. President Alejandra Ferrer defended the proposal, insisting it would make the line “safe and environmentally and socially sustainable”. Local leaders pressed the APB to “urgently restructure the port to serve islanders’ social and economic needs”, highlighting options like “limiting ferry traffic and organised excursions by creating new spaces”, and “studying community moorage points, a dry slip and commercial zone”.

Councillors called on the harbour master’s office to prioritise safety —both en route and within the harbour, with respect to nearby anchored craft— when scheduling ferries, insisting space between arrivals was key to curbing bottlenecking at the entry point.

Assembly members also asked the harbour master’s office and APB to ban cruise ships from Zone 2 of the port, and pressed the Balearic Ministries of Environment and Mobility to urgently verify the capacity of Ses Salines Natural Reserve to accommodate anchoring recreational craft and study the impact of heavy cruise-ship and large liner traffic.

“This summer has again laid bare the pressing need to restructure our port keeping in mind local needs as well as our island’s real carrying capacity”, said President Alejandra Ferrer, “we need to put the environment, heritage and islanders’ quality of life first”. Restructuring at the macro level will be key to tackling longstanding issues in operations, safety and usability, said the premiere, confiding that space limitations, together with the managing entity’s inability “to find solutions that work for islanders and for sustainability” had “proven very problematic”.

Decarbonising the Es Ca Marí plant
With backing from members of GxF, PSOE and Sa Unió, the session saw passage of environment chief Antonio J. Sanz’s appeal to the Balearic Department of Energy Transition “to take steps to decarbonise the Es Ca Marí power plant by using gas or other less polluting alternatives”. “Our island needs an alternative energy source. Either we find one, or we source our energy from a pioneer ‘third cable’ project, and accept that our fuel-powered plant has exhausted its useful life”. Councillors also urged BDET to use Next Generation EU funds to adapt the Es Ca Marí thermal power plant to green energy.

Upgrades on waterfront promenade and additional staff for Balearic coastal authority
Cabinet councillors joined members of the opposition in pushing the Balearic coastal authority to fund, work with the Consell to devise, and implement a plan to repair and preserve public domain property like information panels and walkways. The island’s leaders asserted additional staff would be “key to patrols, safeguards and administrative agility”, and Sanz highlighted “the importance of maintaining this infrastructure to protect our coastline and dunes”, and said related efforts needed “appropriate funding to be successful”.

New path to career public service
Assembly members delivered unanimous approval to the rules governing career-track employment for municipal employees. Local human resources chief Paula Ferrer insisted lifetime employment was a right protected by Spanish legislation on government workers, and the Consell’s implementation of that legislation was at the core of a cross-party agreement the previous term. Ferrer described the career-track option as “an improvement”, reasoning it offered “a transparent and well-defined chance for professional growth” and “put Consell employees on equal footing with workers in other administrations”. Career-track positions are voluntary and granted on the basis of workers’ performance, experience and professional specialisation.

Decision-makers also backed waiving fees paid by drivers of vehicles that are considered “classic” under Royal Decree 1247/1995. Motorists should apply directly, and the waiver applies, per regional Department of Traffic rules, to vehicles with plate numbers following the H-0000-BBB pattern.

Plenary members also unanimously backed Sa Unió’s appeal to deliver staffing support to ensure year-round operations at the local office of the Balearic jobseekers’ service. Decision-makers also pushed forward an initiative to help boat rental companies in the La Savina port.

Vanessa Parellada reports
Offering a review of efforts in the offices in her remit, Vanessa Parellada described youth, citizen participation, new technologies, equality and LGTBI affairs as “cross-cutting”, asserting, “They impact every islander”. She highlighted completion in 2021 of the children’s playground in Sant Ferran and the skate park in Sant Francesc, charging the latter, as a meeting point, was “an overnight success”. “This skate park has brought together children of all ages”, she observed, and pointed up plans for ongoing upgrades based on needs. In citizen participation, Parellada said 115 groups were listed on the local associations register, with 54 associations currently on the Consell d’Entitats, up from 37 in November 2019”. In new technologies, the councillor described the municipal contract on voice and data communications as “the most ambitious and complex project this year”, insisting it would “completely change how remote facilities connect to the head office”. In equality and LGTBI affairs, Parellada talked about rollout of the Consell’s first Internal Equality Plan, a funding increase for Espai Dones and a fresh impulse for education around sexual violence against women. She also pointed up efforts to build visibility and awareness around diversity in gender identities and sexual orientation.

Official proclamation
Plenary participants struck unity on a proclamation concerning the situation of women and girls in Afghanistan under occupation by the Taliban. Given the tragedy endured by the Afghan people, and in compliance with the Istanbul Convention, “we continue to decry the grave danger faced by women and girls in Afghanistan — of dignity denied, and persons subjugated, enslaved or killed”. Councillors appealed for “urgent action” to stop the tragedy, and highlighted the Council of Government’s appeal for a contribution from Spain “helping guarantee the lives and integrity of Afghan women” and offer “to receive them as refugees or asylum seekers”. Councillors insisted Formentera would “join that effort”.

27 August 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

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