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Consell Insular de Formentera


Formentera joins push to save sea turtles

Environment Week participants clear 350kg of litter

Pairing with Consell, Ocean Keepers embarks on cleanup of Formentera coastline

Restrictions on access to ses Salines nature reserve and sa Tanca d’Allà Dins in es Cap de Barbaria

Formentera celebrates Environment Week with guided tours, community cleanups and workshops for children

Formentera offers posidonia pulled from beaches for traditional use

Natural treatment to curb mosquitoes and chironomids at Ses Salines wetlands

Consell removes 186 abandoned vehicles in 2020 and 2021

Ecovidrio encourages glass recycling with “Los Peque Recicladores”

Consell gives dog-owners dispensers and bottles to clean pet mess from public spaces

Consell tracks incoming and outgoing water levels at Estany Pudent to deal with sanitary issues and create conditions for bird nesting

Consell joins Saturday’s ‘Earth Hour’ by cutting lights in Sant Francesc and Sant Ferran

Reminder: oversize rubbish and hasardous waste must be taken to Deixalleria

Conclusions of SPP-winner ‘Antroposi’ made public

Researchers share results from Save Posidonia Project’s premier winner, ‘Antroposi’

New waste management contract leads with organics, frequent pickups and brand-new bins and equipment

Hunters pitch in by taking aim at pine processionary nests

Researchers studying sustainable nautical uses of posidonia meadows unveil findings

Presenting findings from study on sustainable marine uses of sea grass

Formentera boasts 26.6% less waste in 2020

Crews remove nearly 3,000 processionary nests by hand in one week

Garden upkeep and trimming near Sant Francesc school

Consell reminds landowners to keep pine trees in proper phytosanitary conditions

Formentera enhances local energy management with new info and monitoring system

Consell incorporates new backhoe for improved separation at rubbish tip

Formentera’s desalination plant registers 20% increase in productive capacity

Consell and Plastic Free invite Formentera to spend #adecemberwithoutplastic

Formentera introduces recycle-a-bike service at Deixalleria

Formentera hopes coastal moorage regulation scheme gets fresh impulse

Solar panels to supply renewable energy to municipal football pitch

Formentera joins pilot EU project for renewable energy

New campaign encourages islanders to show support for breast cancer research by recycling glass

With €112K in available funding, call for Save Posidonia Project proposals draws eleven contenders

Consell pushes forestry service to continue dustings to stop pine processionary

Info session on aerial spraying to curb pine processionary

Formentera saves nearly five hundred pallets from rubbish tip

Consell and Plastic Free Formentera rally participants ahead of Saturday’s World Cleanup Day

Consell de Formentera does legwork to remove sailboat aground on Llevant beach

Submissions now accepted for Save Posidonia Project grant money totalling €112k

Bins and urban areas cleaned and disinfected

Formentera bids farewell to “Vidrio por Posidonia” with awards ceremony

Formentera adds name to fire prevention push

Underwater and coastal cleanup at Ses Illetes

Es Pujols, first smoke-free Formentera beach

Calling to mind traditional uses, Consell offers up 5,000m3 posidonia cleared from coasts

From Monday, home pickup of oversize rubbish resumes

Fire ban in place 1 May to 15 October

Formentera moves forward natural mosquito treatment and increases frequency

Consell begins roach control operations in island towns

Consell opens Deixalleria for appointments

Consell and Ibiza & Formentera Preservation take Sustainability Clinic to local students

Appealing to islanders’ civic sense, Consell urges proper waste disposal and issues reminder re: Covid-19 recommendations

Cleaning pharmacy shopfronts

Formentera ramps up cleaning in main urban centres

Consell scales back hours at refuse centres and suspends home pickup of oversize rubbish

Roughly thirty take part in clinic on ditching single-use plastics

Workshop offers help to members of hotel and catering industry keen to phase out single-use plastics

Consell and Govern back integrated environmental authorisation for Es Ca Marí substation

With ‘Glass for Posidonia’, Ecovidrio hosts travelling exhibition’s stop-over on Formentera highlighting importance of recycling glass

Ground campaign to stamp out pine processionary concludes with removal of 4,641 nests

Formentera gets water fountain for outdoor events

Some 1,500 caterpillar nests removed in first week of push to tackle pine processionary

In 2019, spike in organics collection and improved separation behind 5% drop in new waste

Ferrer and Yllanes meet to shape strategy around Formentera’s energy situation

Formentera announces aid to equip businesses and homes for solar and micro-wind energy

Formentera to islanders: ‘Report caterpillar nests found on property’

Formentera.eco named best sustainable tourism initiative

Formentera plays host to first gathering of commission on water this legislative term

In summer 2019, Formentera upped glass recycling by 23%

Organic waste collection up 29.98% since last year

This Monday 7 October, info session on the pine processionary on Formentera

With third Fòrum Posidonia Project, Formentera stays on path to sustainability

This Saturday, Formentera celebrates World Cleanup Day at Estany des Peix

Consell launches programme encouraging islanders to repurpose pallets

Summer campers take Earth-smart message to street

Sustainability at core of new Save Posidonia Project initiative

Summer school participants spend day cleaning micro plastics

Formentera adds voice to campaign for Mediterranean turtle

Port authority boss makes first official visit to Formentera

CiF equips public schools with water fountains

School children collect scientific data about micro-plastics on local beaches

Cleaning crews take on la Savina canal

Islanders take time to clear rock piles

Council installs 199 solar panels across 6 public buildings

Pitching in to clean up s'Espalmador

Organics pick-up is back—Formentera reactivates collection service for island's biggest waste producers

Formentera rolls out pest control measures

Plastic-free Formentera

Formentera marks return to repurposing posidonia seagrass

Formentera launches marketplace consultation before renewing waste collection and cleaning contracts

Crews set out spreading garden clippings across Formentera countryside

Earth Hour Formentera

Guidelines for estany des Peix infrastructure await go-ahead from coastal authority

Formentera Council and Govern clinch deal opening door to ordering and regulation of Estany des Peix moorage

Formentera presents local 'Water Pact'

On Friday, microplastics workshop scheduled for es Cavall d'en Borràs beach

Formentera ups recycling by 5.2% in one year

Money for renewable energy, charging stations and electric vehicles

Information session on Formentera about funding for solar and small wind-power-generating technologies

Islanders can swap recycling points for prizes at environment office in Sant Ferran

5 clothing drop-off points installed across island

Council rolls out push to remove nests laid by pine processionary caterpillar

Formentera schools applauded as pupils envision 'plastic-free nature'

Formentera pupils get woke with help of plastics campaign

Es Trucadors wins back natural edge

”Out of Plastic” hits Formentera

Formentera joins Bilbao summit on innovative water-management solutions

Volunteers take aim at stacked stones of Es Trucadors

Second round of aerial spraying in assault on invasive pest

Formentera collects 527.4 tonnes of organic waste during five-month trial run

Formentera holds Posidònia Fòrum

Following weekend of stormy weather, crews clear wreckage and repair watercraft

Fresh round of spraying in Formentera's assault on pine processionary

Formentera pupils get smart about plastics problem

Formentera proves recycling pays

Formentera seeks to delegate 'core' of waste treatment plant buildout

Formentera to host info session on pine processionary

Formentera retakes Estany des Peix

Care recipients at Formentera's 'day centre' learn to make toothpaste

Formentera gets ready for World Cleanup Day

Formentera to host participatory ecology workshop for Natura 2000

Nature group enlists drones in effort to monitor strain on Formentera coast

Training sights on mosquitos, Formentera ramps up pest control at ses Salines preserve and other local spots

Nature group pushes ahead with efforts on ground to protect Formentera seaboard

Posidonia figure on nautical maps of Formentera

Two months in, organic waste pickup programme keeps 210 tonnes of waste out of landfills

Formentera takes aim at cockroaches

Nearly 3k of waste hauled from ecological hotspots around Formentera

Twenty-plus watercraft get boot from Estany des Peix shoreline

Formentera announces Save Posidonia Project's two winning projects

Used oil collection sites multiply across island

'Formentera, Water Smart Island' at SWAN 2018

Formentera consolidates and expands recycling programme for organic waste

This summer, Formentera's visiting cruise ships must steer clear of posidonia

With online service activated, Formentera gives islanders voice in proposed MEDSALT-2 surveys

Coastal cleanup

Council and coastal authority order derelict boat towed

Crews get Formentera's reservoirs sparkling for season ahead

Formentera takes steps to make opposing Medsalt acoustic surveys easier

Home composting course

Formentera takes day out for forest-fire prevention

Coastal cleanup

Formentera ramps up pest control measures after wet winter

'Portugese man o' war' turns up on Formentera seaboard

Formentera renews pact with Aliança Mar Blava

New municipal water setup makes 'smart island' out of Formentera

Formentera joins Earth Hour planetary pact

Boats left on Estany des Peix waterline get heave-ho

Fresh crop of courses aims to teach islanders how to compost at home

Formentera takes day for forest-fire prevention

Homes and businesses in Sant Ferran get monthly, use-based water bills

This week, 149 schoolchildren get lesson in composting

Formentera expands swimming zones at beaches and coves

Asbestos removal drive in full swing

Crews begin push to remove uralite

Save Posidonia Project submission deadline: February 22

During three-week push, 5,785 caterpillar nests removed

Formentera's water works adds two new electric vehicles to fleet

Council activates push to remove nests laid by pine processionary caterpillar

Final days of asbestos-removal push

Thumbs up for test drive of organic waste recycling programme on Formentera

Formentera launches push to swap out contaminant

Two Formentera girls celebrated for waste-water reuse ideas

Ses Salines canal cleanup

Posidonia Forum

Save Posidonia Project Festival rolls into town

Puleva adopts 11K square metres of posidonia

Formentera schoolchildren hear case for recycling glass

Pine processionary info session

Improving trash-tossing habits

Islanders increasingly using waste treatment plant

Half of Es Molí's energy needs met by solar power

Two illegal encampments ousted from Illetes beach

One month on, compost collection 'off to a good start'

Formentera introduces patrol of anchoring boats

Formentera water use drops 7.7% in June

With wildfire in Cala Saona contained, fire brigade sets sights on dampening surrounding area

Aguilera meets with specialists from Mission Blue

Islanders get early look at 'Posidonia Decree'

Rollout of pilot compost collection programme in Sant Francesc

Formentera bemoans delayed start of surveillance and help service for anchoring ships

Formentera celebrates World Environment Day with diving tours of posidonia meadows

Formentera rolls out app empowering islanders to report streetside concerns

Lawmakers seek input on posidonia legislation

Pest control efforts take aim at local mosquitos

Trasmapi sponsors 10,000 square metres of posidonia

Crews scrub down Formentera's water reservoirs

After minor oil spill, clean-up of Estany des Peix begins

Formentera on board with Earth Hour

Crews haul littered waste from es Brolls arterial

Formentera waterworks rolls out smart metres in Sant Ferran

Formentera presents plan to improve waste collection

Reshuffling shade spots in Ses Salines park

In Berlin, Formentera seeks to advance sustainable tourism

Clean-up at Sa Sequi

Formentera recycled 14.6 % more plastic containers in 2016

Debris cleared from local gully

Formentera pupils get lesson in recycling and composting

Limit palm tree pruning to January and February

Renewed efforts to halt spread of pine processionary

Crews set out spreading garden clippings across Formentera countryside

Es Ca Marí desalination plant to boost production capacity

Formentera requests provisional power sources be put to use year-round until twin cable in place

Ses Salines park logs increased vehicle entries in off season

Palm trees must be treated in October, November

Mehari pulled from la Mola precipice

Formentera Council distributes free recycling bags

Formentera pushes for additional control of pine processionary

Govern pledges to lead reforesting charge in wake of Espalmador blaze

Formentera says checks of incoming olive trees would stem incoming snakes

Formentera's waste management directive enters initial draft stage

Council puts together community clean-up of seafloor

At CiF plenary, call to reforest s'Espalmador

Govern promises proper stewardship of Ses Salines park

CiF convenes July plenary

Formentera police instruct catering service to strike waterside set-up

New generators to reduce noise and emissions at power plant

Council launches info service for Govern's solar power subsidies

Cruise liners dock at distance from posidonia prairies

Can Ramon added to Formentera Council's catalogue of heritage sites

Talking good disposal habits: environment canvasser to raise awareness among business owners and residents

Schoolchildren on Formentera get a lesson in recycling

La Mola gets pilot programme to curb snake population

Council offers to remove vehicles abandoned on private land

Thousands of invasive caterpillar nests removed

Council logs 15 cases of serious dumping infractions in 2015

Waste drop-off point to stay open during Easter holiday

Formentera goes dark

Push to clear washed up seagrass from Es Ca Marí shoreline

Home composting course in la Mola

Formentera celebrates first energy efficiency day

Council doubles efforts to keep red palm weevil numbers under control

Council extends push to control pine processionary caterpillar

Council and IBANAT take on pine processionary

Council removes 11 abandoned boats from Formentera coastline

Council asks for “long overdue” solutions to perennial problems facing electricity supply

'100% renewable'—new documentary on Eivissa and Formentera to hit cinema next Tuesday

Class trip to new rubbish drop-off point

Formentera pushes back Sunday's beach-cleaning due to good weather

Twenty-five percent of waste in Formentera gets recycled

Rock piles to be removed from Es Trucadors area

Formentera backs «Ibiza y Formentera 100% renovables» documentary