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Consell Insular de Formentera


Formentera celebrates International Yoga Day with Xuan Lan

From tomorrow, family-friendly Formentera Astronómica takes initiates on discovery of the stars

Consell crowns participation in job seekers’ programme with 7 new SOIB Reactiva positions

Italian ambassador visits Formentera

Formentera courts domestic travellers with message of safety and sustainability

At FITUR, Formentera touts qualities as ‘safe and sustainable’ destination

Call for 4 information assistants with SOIB Reactiva

Formentera Astronòmica is for stargazers

Formentera Jazz Festival to take place 23–26 September

October dates and early details unveiled for Formentera Fotogràfica 2021

Gradual reopening of Formentera’s craft and art markets starts Saturday

Calling all whizzes of marketing, communications and creativity: FORMENTERA20 is back

Formentera ramps up efforts to court Spanish and international travellers

Formentera adopts 2-year plan to reactivate tourism

‘Formentera To-Go’ — Consell continues backing businesses by showcasing eateries with takeaway and delivery

Consell announces fresh round of job offers through SOIB Reactiva

Consell renews annual partnership with Chamber of Commerce to fuel training, market research and communications for local businesses

Consell renews partnership with Pimef backing local small business

With SOIB Reactiva, Consell announces second round of employment opportunities for jobless

In Berlin, Formentera plays up qualities as family destination

Formentera adds voice to Platform for Vaccines, Health and Economy

Pimef and Consell offer 7 training courses to businesses and working islanders, free of charge

Formentera announces one-year extension on permits for holiday rentals

With ‘Formentera to-go’, islanders can find restaurants offering takeaway and delivery

Four special €1,000 prizes handed out as part of Christmas buy-local push

Formentera’s tourist satisfaction rises when crowds decline

Winners of 14th Christmas Window Dressing Contest get prizes

Compra a Casa’s Black Friday gift-card

This winter, Consell to contract 27 of island’s jobless through Reactiva programme of Balearic jobseekers’ office

Formentera unveils data observatory

Formentera gets €470,000 to finance programmes for jobless

16 Formentera bars and restaurants take part in ‘Sa Ruta des Pintxos’

‘Compra a Casa’ offers four special €1K prizes to get shoppers to buy local this Christmas

Applications now accepted for stands at Christmas market

Nine students begin training as youth leisure supervisors

At World Travel Market, Formentera plays on island’s open spaces as source of competitive edge in Covid crisis

Formentera takes message of sustainability to World Travel Market’s online 2020 edition

Consell offers training to help Formentera merchants enchance digital mettle

Formentera prepares special plan to turbocharge tourism and jumpstart economy

Consell offers on-the-job training course for island’s aspiring youth leisure supervisors

Consell to shape plan to reinvigorate local business and intensify Christmas-time boost to local commerce

Shop-local campaign ‘Compra a Casa’ concludes summer push to boost small business

Formentera gears up for Formentera 2.0 and Formentera Fotogràfica

Sixth Formentera Zen crowns weekend of health and physical and emotional wellness

This weekend, Formentera Zen

Formentera unveils events and promotional activities to wind down season

Lina Roig, Compra a Casa’s August gift card winner

Coming to life in 2020 at an array of outdoor locations, Formentera’s runway show goes virtual

Appealing to business owners, Formentera urges quality service through summer’s end and longer season for local workers

Heritage signs posted at monuments and along running trail

July’s Compra a Casa prize goes to a good cause

Formentera launches video spotlighting island’s non-essential businesses

Formentera incorporates details on mandatory masks into retooled covid-19 educational push

Compra a Casa returns this summer with perks for shoppers who support small business

Tourism information points reopen

Growers on Formentera, Mallorca and Menorca thank island shoppers for their commitment

Consell and Pimef renew joint effort to foment local small business

Formentera signs pact to support training, market research and business communication

New trail for birdwatchers on Camí des Brolls

Consell unveils new section of website for updated info on Covid-19 crisis and support for islanders

Consell de Formentera and sector leaders agree on economic roadmap through crisis

Four local volunteer seamstresses crank out 300 masks for island shops

Consell de Formentera uses promotional campaign to boost local business amid health crisis

Whizzes of marketing, communications and creativity return to island for latest FORMENTERA20

Paul Wenham, Compra a Casa’s February winner

Pimef and Consell team up to offer six free clinics

With Compra a Casa website, Consell and Pimef connect shoppers with local businesses

In Barcelona, Formentera touts appeal as destination for underwater activities

Formentera Fotogràfica once again brings wisdom of photo masters to island audiences

Formentera caps visit to Milan’s International Travel Expo, hails ‘bright prospects’

Catalina Escandell is Compra a Casa’s buy-local winner for January

Formentera takes show to Milan’s International Travel Expo

Start of talks with Formentera’s ‘Strategic Tourism Sectors’

Close-up on bees kicks off 2020 series of UOM Formentera

At Fitur, Formentera casts island as ‘laboratory for sustainability’

To crowds at Fitur, Formentera styles itself as ‘an island of unique experiences’ where “luxury” means preservation’

Formentera shoppers score with Christmas edition of Compra a Casa

Six island restaurants and four local growers spotlight Formentera gastronomy at ‘Madrid Fusión’

Shopper goes home with gift card courtesy of Compra a Casa programme’s ‘Black Friday, Formentera’

Formentera pushes year-round rustic beach bars as one more reason to visit in winter

Formentera meets with luxury tourism firms at Cannes travel expo

Formentera and Chamber of Commerce reward local businesses that decorated shop windows for holidays

Diverse spread of activities to celebrate Christmas on Formentera

Formentera unveils array of incentives for islanders who support small businesses in winter

Tourism barometre points to high tourist satisfaction, encourages strategic focus on price-quality ratio

Consell launches fresh sweep of web listings for holiday rentals

Formentera takes pitch to “Emotions Travel Community”

Call goes out for participants as Christmas shop window contest turns thirteen

Sustainability and eco-ethics underpin Formentera’s pitch to tourists at World Travel Market


Applications accepted for vending huts at Christmas Market

At Posidonia Project Forum, Formentera charts roadmap to nurturing local sustainability

2019 Posidonia Project Forum launch

Formentera welcomes third Collective Signatures, 48 hours of non-stop artistic creations

Through health and wellness, Formentera Zen turns October calm into asset

Formentera sets sights on off-season tourists

It's the return of the island's post-season showcase: Formentera in October

Local fare from all 4 islands at farmers' market

Educating islanders about itinerant vending

'Simply Formentera'—audiences come away dazzled from yesterday's runway show

'Simply Formentera'—runway show turns twelve on Friday 5 July in Sant Francesc

Formentera struts stuff in Netherlands

Thursday marks start of fifth Formentera Jazz Festival—now more sustainable

Formentera Film Festival celebrates short fiction in “Marmatuile” and “Gaza”, documentary on human rights abuses in Palestine

Council unveils 'Formentera, a safe place to travel' pamphlets

40 Formentera business owners take interest in strategic tourism sectors

At London Marathon expo, Formentera touts credentials as sports destination

Chamber of commerce accord

Partnership with small and medium-sized business group of Eivissa-Formentera

Promoting Formentera in San Sebastián

PIMEF training courses

In Barcelona, Formentera pitched as destination for families

Formentera 2.0 to put island at centre of digital culture from May 2-5

Submissions to Beni Trutmann photo contest's 17th edition now accepted

Photography's leading lights to rendezvous on island for seventh Formentera Fotogràfica

Formentera touts itself to Berliners as sustainable destination

Formentera outlines changes in tourism by-laws

Formentera at BIT—Milanese tourists' destination for fitness, culture, nature and gastronomy

Info session on changes for holiday rentals

Formentera spotlights gastronomy at 'Madrid Fusión'

Formentera, fitness destination

Chamber of commerce offers 13 courses covering languages, tech, staffing and more

Gastronomy, heritage sites and nature stars of Formentera's show at FITUR

Formentera woos Dutch travellers

Honours given as Formentera's Christmas window dressing competition turns twelve

Formentera encourages islanders: this Christmas, buy local

Christmas on Formentera

Christmas on Formentera

Formentera takes signature gastronomy on road to Netherlands

Formentera rewards Black Friday shoppers

Formentera flexes cultural heritage at World Travel Market

Tourism-ecology balance debated at Formentera's Posidònia Fòrum

SON Estrella Galícia Posidònia festival showers discounts on Formentera residents

October's a great month to rediscover Formentera

Formentera welcomes visiting 'Energy Observer'

Spotlighting 'best of summer', Spanish broadcaster's 'Comando al sol' visits Formentera

Two summertime workplace inspectors put the screws on job insecurity

Formentera puts out catalogue celebrating ten years of Sant Ferran art market

In hat tip to runway show's first year, Formentera's Passarel·la returns to Sant Francesc

Formentera Council raises €7k to help local businesses train staff and seek consulting services

Local audiences get sneak peek at 'Formentera Lady'

Formentera, jazz epicentre

Ten years on, Formentera to Run still going

Council and PIMEF agree to extend partnership

This May on Formentera, get a dose of culture, fitness, gastronomy and tech

New by-law on outdoor patios

Formentera prepares for fresh dose of theatre in inaugural l'Inhòspit

Officials drop in at sa Senieta, future home of Formentera museum

Formentera announces first info sessions on regional funding

Six years of Formentera 2.0

Formentera touts environmental safeguards at ITB Berlin's Pow-Wow space

As 'Ophiusa' turns 15 this Easter, regatta still holding down Sitges-Formentera passage

Officials endorse hand-off of tourism promotion to Formentera authorities

Brokers and owners on hook to furnish registry number when promoting rental properties

Formentera, lone Balearic island repping Milan travel expo

Cultural and natural heritage stars of Formentera's show at FITUR

Formentera takes cultural heritage on the road to FITUR

Just desserts for winners of ‘Compra a Casa’

Call for Save Posidonia Project proposals

Christmas shop window contest enters eleventh year

Formentera presents 'Compra a Casa' Christmas campaign

Black Friday on Formentera

Formentera takes quest for green tourism to London

Sneak peek at small business group's training courses

Formentera's craft workers receive accreditation

Spain's Red Eléctrica adopts 6,000-sq.-m. stretch of posidonia meadows

Save Posidonia Project festival: hundred plus activities to educate people, save seagrass meadows

Save Posidonia Project snags prize for sustainable tourism

Council issues invitation to 'discover Formentera in October'

Formentera police break up illegal vending operation on Espalmador beach, confiscate material

Presentation of plan to tackle precarious employment on Formentera

Formentera heads to Brussels for two-day working session

Formentera fashion show turns ten, spotlights 'essences of a decade'

Formentera's fresh crop of accredited artisans

Formentera Jazz Festival is back

Formentera woos Chinese travellers

Condé Nast Traveler crowns Save Posidonia Project earth-friendly initiative of year

Discover Formentera in May is back

Formentera takes pitch to German travelers

14th Ophiusa regatta on board with Save Posidonia Project

Formentera 2.0 poised once again to make waves in digital culture

In Iceland, Formentera goes after off-season visitors

Save Posidonia Project, far-reaching push to conserve sea grass prairies

Signups open as Formentera Fotogràfica contest slides into fifth year

Loyalty card purchases totalling €100K lead to €1.5K in discounts

This Christmas, Formentera shoppers made 15,000 purchases

Formentera shows Fitur its sustainable side

Three local shops applauded for 2016 Christmas decorations

Through discounts and bonuses, Compra a Casa! encourages residents to shop local

Taking on precarious employment

In winter, Formentera seeks to attract English tourists

Formentera to put funds from tourist-use rentals towards improvements in Es Pujols and Es Ca Marí

New inspection unit of CiF's land and tourism offices tallied 400 checks this summer

Supreme court nullifies section of law on tourism in Balearics

Rural revival, a prize for sustainable tourism

50 years of love on Formentera

Discounts, bonuses and fun activities are back...and all part of 'Discover Formentera in October'

Regional minister outlines push for consumer protections in car rentals

In 2016, Formentera fashion show turns nine

'Foreigner' Quim Masferrer discovers Formentera

Music lovers get a new, reworked Formentera Jazz Festival

Eight Formentera craft workers get accreditation

Council launches directory of tourism professionals

'Discover Formentera in May' highlights island's off-season charms

'Fine Dining' weekends are back

Total of 28 businesses earn quality distinction

Special afternoon of 'La Ventana' in Formentera

Certificates of completion for students of quality tourism courses

Deadline extended so local jobseekers can apply to turijobs' tourism professionals database

‘Formentera 2.0’ puts island at centre of IT buzz

Formentera Fotogràfica, a must for photo-lovers

Preselection phase of search for skilled tourism workers

New display cases for informational material

Formentera could become destination spot for Japan's elderly, reports consul

In push for quality tourism, Formentera to contract 130 professionals

Chinese press visits Formentera

Formentera turns on charm for nature-lovers and sports buffs at Berlin tourism fair

Formentera takes show to BIT in Italy

Good news for Formentera tourism: 757 new licences and 257 new rooms registered

Formentera’s message at FITUR: nature lovers, look no further

In coming days, Formentera tourism to make its case to countries of Northern Europe

Locals shoppers made 4,400 purchases this holiday season

Prizes for buying local set for Tuesday 12 January

Formentera expects of Govern same will to compromise re: tourism promotion as that displayed during finance law negotiations

Guanaja takes cue from Formentera's model of tourism

Formentera asks for labour checks year round

At WTM in London, tourism reps tout Formentera as ideal training site for athletes

Biel Barceló presenta l'Impost de Turisme Sostenible a Formentera

Formentera asks Govern Balear for accord on tourism spending