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News Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing and Hunting
Consell Insular de Formentera

Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing and Hunting

Joint action with Cooperativa del Camp

Educational push: recreational fishermen must report catches from es Freus reserve

Consell partners with Livestock Farmers of Formentera to promote animal health and improve production systems in 2021

Drought-hit farmers get one-off help with livestock feed

Formentera offers 6 free courses for island’s agrarian and livestock sectors

29 local fishermen complete basic safety course

Limit palm tree pruning to January and February

Consell de Formentera offers Farmers’ Co-op €130K in funding in 2020

Adding voice to global salute, Formentera celebrates work of rural women

Consell lends farmers’ co-op storage unit and grain silo

Consell de Formentera gives farmers’ co-op €52,000 to help reinvigorate local agriculture

Info session on money for forest buffer zones, recovering agrarian traditions

Agriculture minister logs first official visit to Formentera

Formentera doubles free courses for island’s agrarian and livestock sector

Formentera activates push to tackle trichinosis

Open enrolment for kids’ vegetable patch workshop

Formentera lends hand to local livestock farmers squeezed by drought

Consell acquires farming equipment for Farmers' Co-op

Formentera hosts yearly meeting of 2014-2020 'Rural Development Plan' monitoring panel

Council clinches partnership with livestock farmers' group

425 turn out for 'farmers' co-op' luncheon

Town hall-style info session on Punta de sa Creu marine reserve

Council renews partnership with farmers' co-op

Water alliance pays visit

January and February palm tree pruning months

Farmers return to Can Marroig

Formentera offers 4 free courses for island's agrarian and livestock workers

Formentera's irrigation pond up and running

Formentera looks ahead to new marine reserve

Open enrolment for children's farming course

Formentera celebrates co-ops

Farmers look forward to cereal harvest twice as large as last year's

Formentera unlocks quarter million to refurbish and restore cultural heritage sites

Formentera lends support to local livestock farmers

Fresh crop of courses for farm hands in training

Formentera offers six agriculture and livestock courses

Formentera unveils depot for farmers' co-operative

Renewed push to control red weevil spread

Formentera's farmers' market gets new look, more sales outlets

Formentera Council turns over industrial space to farmers' co-op

Rollout of crop safeguards

Irrigation reservoir operational by year end

Help for island's coalition of livestock farmers

Formentera's fishing and marine reserves

Cases of palms with red weevil infestation drop 23 per cent

“Farmland Reserve, a year in photos” drops in at la Mola's community centre

Council drives push for land-use inspections

Photo exhibit: Looking back at a year of Farmland Reserve

Formentera offers 15 courses in agriculture and livestock farming

Open enrolment for kids’s farming course

Council, Govern join forces “to enhance fishing inspections”

Formentera pigeon hunters get temporary go-ahead

Farmers' co-op wraps up harvest of 56 hectares

Local kids offered new round of introductory farming course

Formentera lends hand to local livestock farmers feeling drought's burn

Council turns farming equipment over to Farmers' Co-op

Can Marroig sees return to traditional farming

First introductory farming course for kids

Farmers' cooperative undertakes fig tree trimming

Govern expects irrigation pond will be operational by summer 2017

Figs star of new Formentera calendars

Farmer’s cooperative sows first hay field

Small game hunting season open through 3 January

Farmland reserve swells to more than 100 hectares

Temporary authorisation given for hunting of wood pigeon

Fons de Terres programme counts 21 lots among reserve

Work on abandoned farmland begins under Fons de Terres programme

Council pacts with stockbreeders on rural renewal

Six first plots chosen for untilled land use project, Fons de Terres