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Consell Insular de Formentera

Social welfare

Summer camp activity leaders trained to spot lingering Covid-19 impact

Formentera celebrates World Refugee Day

Island youth schooled in emotionally-aware approaches to sex ed

Day of training to prevent, detect and stop underage drinking

Consell takes aim at LGTBI-phobia with SAI

‘Don’t drown in alcohol’ takes on underage drinking and unlawful sales

Seniors’ clubs of Sant Francesc and Sant Ferran reopen this weekend

Joana Frigolé unpacks ‘the power of emotions' in latest ‘xerrada’

13 complete social and cultural integration course offered by Consell de Formentera

Day Centre reopens

Neuroscience expert David Bueno leads Thursday’s ‘Talks for families’

Day Centre stays closed following new Covid case

‘Now more than ever, practise emotional self-care’ send-off comes as island exits enhanced tier 4 protocol

Third instalment of ‘Now more than ever, practice emotional self-care’

15 years helping foreign-born islanders finesse cultural and social integration

Day Centre reopens Monday 15 February

Second instalment of ‘Now more than ever, practice emotional self-care’

Belén Alvite tackles the teenage years in latest ‘xerrada’

In rural corners of the island, Consell and Civil Guard step up support for vulnerable

‘Now more than ever, practise emotional self-care’ campaign offers islanders positive messages

This winter Consell reactivates telephone support for Formentera seniors

‘Xerrades’ series looks at tech’s toll on children and teens

Latest lecture takes on post-partum coupledom

Formentera stands up for rights of people with disabilities

In 2020, Formenterers Solidaris honoured with Balearic Islands’ Savina award for volunteer work

Seven students complete Consell de Formentera course on social and cultural integration for foreigners

On International Day of People with Disabilities, ‘Cultivating values’ aims at awareness

Islanders get guidance on using digital communications sensibly

Formentera unveils activities programme aiming to combat gender violence by building awareness

Consell unveils latest round of social and cultural integration course for immigrants

Formentera sets Covid-19 protocol at Sant Francesc cemetery on All Saints’ Day

Discussion-debate: ‘Leveraging public policy to depathologise trans* identities’

Formentera stages lectures, discussions and film screenings for trans* depathologisation day

The message of Eivissa and Formentera’s ‘Feminist Classrooms’? Human rights for women, now more than ever

Consell announces aid for local seniors and islanders with disabilities

Formentera opens up €45,000 in subsidies to improve health and social services

Consell signs €30,000 deal with NGO Formenterers Solidaris

Centre de Dia reopens 1 June for one-on-one service by appointment

Consell de Formentera facilitates internet access for pupils with online coursework

Donated masks for workers and islanders

‘Talks for families and teachers’ closes with Estela Berenguer on “Formentera es queda a casa”

Amid Covid-19 crisis, Consell offers mental-health support

Cemetery open

New on “Formentera es queda a casa”: Carles Ventura gives livecast for ‘Xerrades’

Consell helps more than 300 islanders apply for guaranteed minimum income

‘Talks for families and teachers’ broadcast live tomorrow Thursday on “Formentera es queda a casa”

Computers for pupils of Formentera high school

Social Welfare office serves nearly 700 during emergency health crisis

Cepca offers support

Help for victims of gender-based violence

Amid health crisis, Formentera pledges to care for most vulnerable

Formentera and Espai Dones team up to further equality and tackle gender violence

Open enrolment for 2 April workshop on volunteering

From 3–26 March, Formentera stages 14th round of classes to help foreigners finesse cultural and social integration

Red Cross info session at Casa del Poble in La Mola

Consell and Red Cross team up to host two volunteer sessions on Formentera this weekend

Day for Disability Awareness

Qué Celestre gets region’s Savina Prize for volunteer work

8 students complete thirteenth Social and Cultural Integration Course

On International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Formentera pushes education, awareness

‘Recreation or addiction?’ Alba García sizes up Fortnite for latest instalment of ‘Xerrades per a famílies i docents’

Commission on Gender Violence holds first meeting of legislative term

This Friday at Casal d'Entitats, training session for aspiring volunteers

With wide-ranging programme, Formentera joins global day rejecting violence against women

Fresh round of courses offering extra help for pupils new to language

Island governments of Formentera and Eivissa chart joint strategy on care for underage minors

As Formentera prepares for arrival of migrants on coasts, Consell educates islanders on steps to follow

Consell de Formentera reports on rules changes for local volunteers

Volunteer info session at Casal d’Entitats

Formentera dedicates October to trans* depathologisation

This Thursday, Belén Alvite jump-starts lecture series for families and educational staff

Programme for families and teachers gets started with talk on keys to educating kids

New round of integration classes for immigrants

Putting a stop to gender violence

Peace court relocates

Consell de Formentera unlocks €16k in government aid for seniors, people with disabilities

Consell backs Formenterers Solidaris' charitable projects in 2019

Consell officials meet with cooperation fund reps

Meeting with union representatives

Formentera adds voice to awareness push to stop sexual violence

Formentera unveils 'Proud to fight for equality' theme of LGTBI events programme

Parents talk about school bullying

Council teams up with Espai Dones Formentera

Formentera takes part in premiere Balearic Child Friendly City day

Formentera gives nearly €54k to special needs groups, individuals

Construction of Formentera's nursing home begins

Month-long activities programme in celebration of International Women's Day on Formentera

Family discussion about healthy eating

Catalina Torres Ferrer celebrates hundredth year on Formentera

Registration open for islanders keen to train as home caregivers

Local highschoolers head to dependent care facility to get look at job opportunities

Enrolment in integration course starts February 20

World Cancer Day

UOM hits Formentera

Open call for organisers of 17th Festa Intercultural

Formentera introduces pair of parenting support groups

'Not going to budge' in war on male violence

Starting Saturday, Diverespai is back

Formentera talks tech with parents

Formentera plugs into Balearic 'children's pact'

Formentera celebrates International Volunteer Day

Formentera welcomes pioneering day-long summit on disabilities

Formentera poised to take reigns on equality, action against gender violence and LGTBI policy

Formentera celebrates International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Formentera welcomes two new hires as part of programme for young job-seekers

Rights of the child, empowered families and diversity training star features of programming for Children's Day

Formentera takes stand to end gender violence with two weeks of programming

La Mola primary school becomes Formentera's first in network of socially-conscious schools in Pityuses

Day of special programming for International Day of Action for Trans* Depathologisation

Formentera unveils Catalan guide for Arabic speakers

New round of integration classes on Formentera

Local events celebrating international breast cancer awareness day

Formentera's unprecedented 'equality plan' defines 53 actions to promote more equitable society

Formentera offers extra language help for schools' newest arrivals

Islanders can now obtain ID locally

In second 'strategy for children and young people', Formentera lays out 48-point plan to promote participation and wellness

Formentera Council and socially-conscious arm of CaixaBank affirm commitment to elderly

Regional job seekers bureau on lookout for qualified youth

Care recipients at island's day centre lend hand preparing for Que Celeste festival

Care centre users get eyeful of posidonia

Formentera unlocks €16k in funding for elderly and disabled

Formentera's gold medal recipients, APNEEF and APMIPTEA

Formentera funnels €45k to public health assistance

Formentera unlocks €9k for reception and integration for immigrants

Formentera, proud to fight for equality

Course on protecting children from sexual abuse

Formentera's cinema teams up with special needs advocates

Council finds steady ground for 85 long-term temp workers

Tenth year of course on integration

Formentera's Festa Intercultural is back

Newest wave of PIMEF training courses

Formentera offers courses in traditional world dances

Here and now: Formentera welcomes expo's 'transformative look' at volunteer work

International Women's Day supporters pack central Sant Francesc plaza

Formentera celebrates International Women's Day

Signups open for course on integration

Council and la Mola seniors group sign partnership

Seniors’ university returns to Formentera

Eight Formentera students to specialise in geriatric care

It's Carnaval at adult care centre, too

Youth worker training course

Formentera gives new students leg up with language support

Seventeen local students pursue studies in geriatric care

Formentera salutes its volunteers

Formentera observes International Day of People with Disabilities

Formentera backs job seekers programme for university-educated youth

Activities to end violence against women

First stone laid in build of Formentera's funeral parlour, the 'tanatori'

From next week, open enrolment in integration course

Council unveils programme of events for World Breast Cancer Awareness Day

This autumn/winter on Formentera, continuing education is back

Leisure programmes for youth in Sant Ferran

Upgrades at social welfare offices and local police station

Council renews partnership with Formenterers Solidaris to 'help developing countries and raise awareness locally'

Day Centre receives “ONCE Solidarios” honour

Invitation for bids to construct Formentera's funeral parlour

Breastfeeding pics donated to Formentera hospital

'Proud to Fight for Equality'

On World Refugee Day, Formentera reaches out to children and teens

Formentera seeks candidates for 24 support positions in summer services

Consell and Espai Dones team up to promote equality and eradicate gender violence

Formentera's day centre celebrates six years

Taking stock of local fund's efforts to boost cooperation

Open day at low-cost flats in Sant Ferran

On April 2, Festa Intercultural turns 15

Formentera makes case for equality

Through plenary, Council will ask Madrid to remove barriers to refugee reception

Signups open for course on integration

Squaring up before entering the world of the restaurant industry

At plenary, Formentera signs on to pact to tackle gender violence

People with disabilities at Day Centre pilot veg patch and aromatic garden

Formentera jumps aboard push to tackle gender violence

A week of activities taking aim at gender violence

Signups approach for course on integration

Local emergency services huddle for coordination meeting with 112's psychological care rep

Obra Social “la Caixa”, CiF renew commitment to island's elderly

Formentera celebrates World Breastfeeding Week

CiF backs contest showcasing photos of breastfeeding mothers

Formentera asks Govern to retool regional employment programme

Formentera allies itself with LGTBI community

Council backs island's elderly care centres with 24k

Council and Formentera NGO clinch deal to help developing world, raise local awareness

Formentera sets aside 30,000 euros in grants for social and public health programmes

Youth council backs plan to relocate skate park

Formentera puts 13,000 euros in aid towards newcomers' groups

Formentera offers €12,000 in aid for seniors' and people with disabilities

Social welfare staff take a walk in seniors' shoes

Formentera to issue remarks re: tax on tourist rentals

Formentera Day Centre turns five

Next week, Day Centre turns five

Council signs agreement protecting low-income households from electricity cuts

Social welfare gets new van for at-home service

International Women's Day

Free tutoring is back for struggling students

Council teams up with Espai Dones to tackle gender violence, promote equality

Minute of silence to condemn gender violence

La Mola seniors' club to oversee activities at Casa del Poble

Disability assessments now possible on Formentera

Fifteen students graduate from integration course

Formentera takes another step forward on gender-based violence

IB-DONA wants to get your say on equality law

Formentera requests space for companions at new Eivissa clinic

Formentera helps bring potable water to one thousand Nicaraguans