113 Formentera riders request reduced fare cards for Palma bus

bus-palma-descompte1The Formentera Council’s mobility department reports eighty islanders have already obtained cards letting them ride buses in Palma at a reduced fare. The Citizen Information Office, or OAC, began processing applications for the cards September 5.

One hundred thirteen requests have been logged to date–eighty have been answered with discount cards already, and twenty of those have gone to students. All Formentera residents may request the card, which entitles its holder to a discounted fare when travelling to or from the city of Palma’s port or airport.

A full-fare ride from the airport to downtown Palma used to set riders back €5. Cardholders travel the same distance for just €1. Student ID cards, which entitle their holders to lower prices when riding any line on Palma’s metropolitan transit network, are reserved for individuals listed on Formentera’s municipal registry, or padró, and enrolled in an educational programme in Palma.