Tourists can pre-register for from 15 March

Formentera mobility department chief Rafael González announced today that Monday 15 March will mark the start of early registration for all those hoping to drive on the island between 24 June and 7 September 2021. From Monday, tourists can ‘pre-register’ online at no charge, with bookings becoming official when confirmation emails are sent out in May.

From the last week in June to the first in September, the total number of vehicles on local roads will be capped at 20,591 (four per cent fewer than in 2020). Individuals who drive a vehicle on the island during that period must first obtain a permit on the website.

“Permit request is simple and similar to that of any bookings website”, said González, telling motorists to expect to know by May whether the process would be fee-based or free as during last year’s Covid crisis. If fee-based, permits will cost €1.00 per day, with a five-day minimum; permits for motorcycles or motor scooters would cost half that, with the same five-day minimum.

Resident permits
Permits will be cost-free and guaranteed for Formentera residents already in possession of a “blue zone-green zone” metred parking pass. Motorists can ensure they have been cleared for summer driving by entering their vehicle plate number on the website; drivers not already cleared can apply for a free permit online.

Permits are guaranteed for travellers with bookings for overnight accommodations or arrangements to travel with a personal vehicle made before March.

12 March 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera