Formentera unveils mobile camera system to enforce

foto 2021 cameres.ecoAThe Formentera Department of Mobility has acquired a mobile apparatus to check that vehicles on local roads are duly accredited during the period of enforcement.

The new control system —two cameras, a tablet and modem— has been fitted into an electric vehicle emblazoned with the Consell de Formentera and logos. The cameras read number plates and check whether vehicles in question have an associated authorisation.

Mobility chief Rafael González explained that patrols, conducted by FDM staff, would take place at distinct times throughout the day.

Priced at €16,123.25, the new system, which relies on increased patrols to ensure regulations are respected, is in addition to two cameras already installed in La Savina. Those cameras scan and control the number plates of all vehicles entering and exiting the island.

This year,’s third, anyone operating a vehicle on local roads between 24 June and 7 September must possess the proper accreditation in order to do so. Drivers who fail obtain accreditation face minimum fines of €1,000.

13 August 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera