Sant Francesc skate park opens tomorrow

foto 2021 parc patinatge AThe Consell de Formentera is pleased to report that the skate and fitness park on the Sant Francesc ring road will open to the public tomorrow at 8.00pm. Top-ranking local official Alejandra Ferrer was joined this morning by vice-president and seniors councillor Ana Juan; councillor of youth Vanessa Parellada; infrastructure coordinator Xicu Ribas; Casal de Joves director Carlos Calzado and representatives of local seniors clubs on a visit to the park and tour of the facilities.

The €482,723 park sits on a 2,727-m2 lot and has assorted outdoor fitness structures and three skating circuits including a skating area, a “street” park and a “bowl”. There is also a wellness circuit for the elderly, landscaping and recreational areas.

Grand opening tomorrow
For World Skateboarding Day this week, the Casal de Joves has scheduled a skateboard-themed evening tomorrow from 8.00pm.

Youth chief Vanessa Parellada shared her satisfaction at being able to preside over the park’s opening — “scores of local youth have pressed for this for some time now”, she affirmed. The councillor pointed out that young people were a key part of the park’s design, offering feedback to ensure the new construction fit their needs.

The 255-m2 skating area is obstacle-free and hemmed in by a long bench which doubles as seating for park users and their companions.

The 238-m2 “street” park features hand-polished concrete and characteristic obstacles like ramps, benches, platforms, handrails and ledges, often imitating street furniture found in parks and plazas.

The park’s most eye-catching feature is its 617-m2 “bowl”. Cut into the ground-level upper platform, it is a pool-shaped hole with depths of -3.75m, -2m, -2.2m and -2.5m and radii of 2.4m, 2.8m, 3m, 3.3m and 2.4m. Surrounding it are landscaped green spaces, and the days ahead will see shaded areas, benches and a walking route incorporated as well.

Heart-healthy circuit for seniors
The 285-m2 old people’s fitness circuit and exercise machines will soon include a rest area.

25 June 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera