Consell removes 186 abandoned vehicles in 2020 and 2021

foto 2021 retirada vehiclesThe Formentera Department of Environment reports that 186 cast-off vehicles were towed from public roads and private land between last year and the first three months of 2021, an effort performed with help from the Formentera Local Police. During the same period, hazardous components were removed from 263 vehicles at the Ca na Negreta vehicle decontamination site, or CAT.

FDE chair Antonio J Sanz said the department had ramped up removals and streamlined the process over the previous year in a bid to tackle what is an increasingly common problem. “Derelict vehicles on the public thoroughfare and private land aren’t just eyesores”, insisted Sanz, “they’re also the source of a substantial amount of environmental pollution”. Islanders who wish to dispose of an old vehicle should go to Es Cap waste management site (CAT) directly or call Ca na Negreta at 971 575 118.

Fines and towing
FDE has issued 81 fines for junked vehicles this year alone. Dumping infractions are typically classed, according to the related municipal bylaw, as “serious” or “very serious”, with associated fines ranging from €751 to €1,500 and €1,500 to €3,000, respectively.

When it is suspected a vehicle has been abandoned, protocol requires that a member of FDE staff and a local law enforcement officer affix a decal identifying the vehicle as derelict. The vehicle’s owner then has one month to rectify the mistake and move their vehicle, otherwise it is towed to the Es Cap tip and the owner receives a notice and fine.

Owners can reclaim their vehicle at any time provided they pay storage and towing fees. When the established wait period elapses, unclaimed vehicles are sent to the CAT for decontamination.

27 April 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera