Appealing to business owners, Formentera urges quality service through summer’s end and longer season for local workers

foto 2020 es calo dronConsell de Formentera president and tourism chief Alejandra Ferrer asked owners of establishments catering to tourists for “responsibility and support by keeping businesses open as long as possible after August”. “With the help of a committed local business community we can demonstrate a capacity for keen management as a tourist destination and offer service to all those making the decision to visit Formentera even as the going gets tough”, the president put forward.

Businesses that extend operations further into the season will do their part by continuing to generate local jobs “and in doing so, help many islanders get through what is expected to be a difficult winter”, she said. Multiple levels of government are working to assist workers and entrepreneurs “in important issues like furloughs”, she indicated, and underscored that now those same workers and entrepreneurs must help too by showing solidarity.

“We know it’s a difficult season and we applaud the efforts of the tourism sector”, she said, adding that “work must continue as long as the bookings keep coming in September”. “We’ve been saying from the start that this summer isn’t about making money, but rather establishing Formentera as a tourist destination with shrewd management and quality service. Our efforts this year will have a direct bearing on the 2021 season”.

Courting travellers in the Balearics
The marketing division of the local tourism office is overseeing promotional campaigns within Spain, with special focus on the other islands in the archipelago. “Our neighbours across the Balearics were among Formentera’s first visitors when de-escalation measures began”, she said, “and if the public health situation permits, we hope they’ll be among the last to leave”. “The aim is to have Formentera in a position to give all our tourists with top-tier service from season’s start to season’s end”, she concluded.

25 August 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera