This winter, Consell to contract 27 of island’s jobless through Reactiva programme of Balearic jobseekers’ office

cartell 2020 oferta xiiThe Formentera Entrepreneurism and Local Development Department reports that this winter local government will contract 27 unemployed islanders as part of the Reactiva programme of the Balearic Islands’ Employment Office (SOIB). The four-month programme entails plans for two separate rounds of recruitment.

The initial round of 16 contracts is expected to start in December, with the second segment of workers to begin during the month of February. Aspiring candidates should visit this link to the SOIB website between Tuesday and Thursday (1—3 December) to register and indicate interest in an offer.

In the words of Ana Juan, Formentera’s deputy premiere and entrepreneurism councillor, the initiative “aims to get unemployed islanders back to work. We hope it will be a big help for residents whose professional prospects this summer were dashed by Covid-19”. “We hope this joint SOIB-Consell initiative provides relief to Formenterencs feeling the sting of unemployment, especially the under-30s and people who have been without work for a significant period of time”.

First-round offers:
-6 administrative assistants (unemployed under-30s registered on Spain’s Youth Guarantee System [SNGJ])
-3 cleaners (long-term unemployed over-30s)
-4 information assistants and 3 brigade members (over-30s whose SOIB jobless status dates back at least three months, or furloughed workers)

Promoted by the SOIB with additional funding from the European Social Fund’s 2014-2020 Operational Programme for Youth and Regional Employment, Spain’s central government and the Sustainable Tourism Impulse Fund (ITS), the €225,810 initiative is part of an emergency programme announced last week that will see Formentera receiving investments of €470,000 between this year and next to the direct benefit of 175 individuals.

30 November 2020
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera