Consell crowns participation in job seekers’ programme with 7 new SOIB Reactiva positions

foto 2021 soib reactivaThe Formentera Department of Entrepreneurship reports that seven positions were offered as part of the latest round of recruitment through SOIB Reactiva, bringing the total number of jobs created for previously jobless islanders to 22. Individuals hired in this second round began their four-month assignments on 23 April.

Entrepreneurship chief Ana Juan described SOIB Reactiva as “very useful for the formerly unemployed islanders who’ve hired on and improved their skill sets for future career paths”.

Openings in this round of recruitment include four cleaners (over-30s/long-term jobless); two brigade operators and an information assistant (jobless over-30s on SOIB rolls for at least three months, fewer if the individual in question was previously furloughed).

Valued at €225,810, Formentera’s SOIB-backed 2020 Reactiva contracts are made possible by the European Social Fund’s 2014-2020 Operational Programmes for Regional Youth Employment, money from the central government’s Sectoral Conference, and the local fund to promote Supporting Sustainable Tourism (ITS).

1 June 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera