Local Security Junta holds first gathering of legislative term

foto-reunio---junta-local-segu1Today at noon, the Junta Local de Seguretat (Local Security Junta) gathered under joint chairs Alejandra Ferrer and head of central government affairs on Eivissa and Formentera, Enrique Sánchez Navarrete. Also at the encounter were the provincial under-secretary of transit, Laura Pelaez, local vice-president Ana Juan, and Rafael Ramírez, Josep Marí and Vanessa Parellada, the local chiefs of social welfare, interior and equality and youth, respectively. Additional attendees included representatives of local political parties and spokespeople for the Civil Guard, National and Local Police and Civil Protection.

Among the issues at the centre of discussion was the undocumented arrival on the island this summer of migrants. President Ferrer said officials had agreed "to put protocol in place to define the functions of the various security forces and arms of local government" in an effort to "improve coordination and better respond to an unexpected problem".

Alejandra Ferrer highlighted the efforts and involvement of Formentera's social welfare department, not to mention the local police and other forces of order, some of them volunteers. She also pointed out that the administration has begun the process of hiring new staff to work with minors. She also pleaded with other arms of government to reinforce the staff and material resources they dedicate to the matter.

Mr Sánchez, for his part, highlighted "prodigious coordination between the Consell and forces of order around arriving migrants" and tied the arrivals to the political situation south of the Mediterranean, insisting that "we won't see changes until we see changes happening in Algeria".

Road safety
Meeting attendees also spoke about the surge in deaths on local highways, a total that hit five this summer. President Ferrer spoke of a "winter push to educate islanders, particularly young ones, about the importance of safety on our roads". Projected to run parallel this winter with the educational campaign are increased traffic stops by local law enforcement.

Formentera, the safest island
Mr Sánchez pointed out that "today Formentera is the safest of the Balearic Islands". Speaking ahead of the release of official year-end figures, he hinted that "this year there’s been no significant increase in crime, but increases have been seen in crime resolution".

Participants also sat for a general review of the 2019 season, where prominent features included the efforts and coordination of local law enforcement, firefighters, Protection Civil and other emergency response services.

Local Security Junta meetings take place twice a year and today's gathering marked the first of the legislative term. One held before the start of summer serves to prepare the various security forces, while a post-season wrap-up is aimed at defining efforts over the winter and necessary work ahead of the coming summer.

21 November 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera