Next Saturday, Sant Francesc theatre hosts showing of El secuestro de la bankera

FOTO BANQUERA 9El secuestro de la bankera ('The kidnapping of the banker', in Castilian Spanish) unclothes the ruthlessness of the rich and powerful, always a trick up their sleeve to get through adversity unscathed. The production recounts the story of a botched effort by two crooks —more naïve than meets the eye— to kidnap a woman herself more ruthless and clever than her captors could have reckoned. With generous layers of comic satire, dramaturge Dario Fo tailors his acerbic humour at audiences apt to discern critiques of society and politics. The show —adapted in Castilian by Carla Matteini and directed by Esteve Ferrer— is put on by Suripanta, a company of seven whose actors strive to get the people of Formentera talking and laughing.

Saturday at nine pm
El secuestro is slated for Saturday at nine pm in the municipal cultural centre, which doubles as the local cinema. The showing is part of the PLATEA programming put on by the Spanish Ministry of Culture. Another theatrical representation —Ligeros de equipaje— is scheduled for 7 November and tickets are priced at 12 euros.