Jocs de nens. Craft workers of Formentera put on show at Centre Gabrielet

Jocs de nens premsaJocs de nens (translatable as 'child's play' in English) is an exhibition comprising work by Formentera's collective of artisan workers and two local groups in support of artisanry, Associació Formentera per l'Artesania and Associació Artesans Fira de la Mola. The group effort is on public display through 20 October in the exhibition hall of the Centre Antoni Tur Gabrielet.

The pieces that make up the exhibition come from 17 different local craftmakers, including jewellers Xènia, Tito Solari, Lorenzo Pepe, Otis, Neus Betrau and Flor Mauger; clothing makers Simona Colzi, Tete Silbera and Carola Yuste; and craftswoman Olga López, whose textile pieces are all made in situ in her period studio. Paintings from Fran Lucas, Jordi Torrents and Oriol Moragrega are displayed next to glasswork pieces from María Sol and Gennaro Pepe, and the sculpted work of Enric Rissech is contrasted alongside handmade brainteasers made by Sergio Guzmán.

The common thread that links the different pieces? «Each one was handmade by an inner child. There is fantasy present in all of them». So explains participating artist Olga López. The exhibition can be visited 10:30 am-2 pm and 5:30-8:30pm, Monday through Saturday.