Ligeros de equipaje. Crónica de la retirada, this Saturday in Sant Francesc

ligeros de equipaje3This Saturday, 7 November in Formentera, Viridiana productions will bring to the stage Ligeros de equipaje. Crónica de la retirada, a theatrical production written and directed by Jesús Arbués with acting by Javier García and Pedro Rebollo.

A work of fiction based on numerous true chronicles and testimonial recounting, Ligeros purports to shed light on the stories of an almost-forgotten many... Rather than a piece on the Spanish civil war, it is a production on what winds up in the scrap heap of memory, on absence and all that is left in the past, on death and life. It is about man, capable of the best and the worst.

Saturday nine p.m.
The production, which benefits from the support of the Ministry of Culture's PLATEA programme, will be given next Saturday evening at nine in the municipal cultural hall (cinema) of Sant Francesc. Tickets are 12 euros. In 2014 in the city of Rodrigo, the show received the Castilla-León theatre's award for best small-house production.