Municipal tennis school renews accord with Club de Tennis Formentera, remodels playing courts

pistes tennis 2014The Office of Sport of the Formentera Island Council has recently commissioned an overhaul of the playing surface on two of the courts at the municipal tennis courts. The changes had a cost of 31,000€.

The newly-installed flooring – artificial turf designed specifically for use on tennis courts – is only three millimetres high. Formentera boys and girls were able to put the new courts to the test for the first time yesterday, but it will be several days before sand can work its way down to the bottom of the turf and thus permit ideal playing conditions.

This July the Formentera Council formalised an accord with the island's tennis club, Club de Tennis Illa de Formentera, an arrangement that will assure a regular maintenance of the facilities. The accord was signed by Council president Jaume Ferrer and president of the tennis club, Josep Lairon Hernandis, and sets aside 15,000€ of funding.

The accord will extend through the remainder of 2014. In addition to maintenance, it sets out guidelines for the organisation of fitness activities to promote tennis, management of the municipal tennis school and price-regulation for different services available at the courts, including discounts and other resident advantages.