Council renews its pact with tennis club on administration of school, municipal facilities

conveni tenis 150415This morning, the Formentera Council finalised its extension of an accord between the administration and the Illa de Formentera tennis club that will once again see to the maintenance and day-to-day management of the island's tennis facilities (including the administration of the municipal tennis school) as well as all local action to promote the sport on Formentera. In exchange, the tennis club will receive funding in the amount of €30,000.

Now set to remain in effect throughout 2015, the deal was signed by CiF president Jaume Ferrer, Illa de Formentera tennis club president José Lairón Hernandis and the Council's sport and fitness staff specialist, Daniel de la Dueña.

Jaume Ferrer acknowledged: “Formentera's investment in tennis is clear. With today's signing, this pact enters into its third straight year. Last July, our two tennis court surfaces were completely overhauled and other municipal facilities were remodeled as well – all of which had a total value of €31,000. And in a fortnight's time, construction will be complete for two additional tennis and two padel courts”.

José Lairón declared he was “immensely satisfied with the Council's support for tennis on the island” and added: “Knowing that the accord is in place for another year puts the club at a great advantage for the programming to take place this year”. The tennis club has 70 members – children, youth and adults – on its rosters. In the words of Daniel de la Dueña: “The numbers speak for themselves. The results that our athletes are obtaining are an indicator that the relationship between the Council and the tennis club is more than satisfactory.”