Sailing school equipment gets a makeover

equips windsurfThe Formentera Council's office of sport (l'àrea d'Esport) has invested eighteen thousand euros in material for the Escola Municipal de Vela, the local sailing school. Specifically, the money was used to purchase eight competition-grade BIC Techno windsurfing rigs (combinations of a mast, boom and sail) to be used by windsurfers in the under 15 category.

The new material had been requested by Escola students. In the words of CiF sports councillor Jordi Vidal: “Windsurfing is an incredibly important sport on our island, both now and looking toward the future. And thanks to this new equipment, those who are just starting out now are in a much better position”.

Round the island on a windsurf board
Formentera windsurfers will have the chance to debut the new equipment in the 34th annual Volta a Formentera en Windsurf, scheduled for Sunday 27 September. As Jordi Vidal tells it, the gathering has become a must for windsurfers and —with more than three decade's of history under its belt— an emblematic event for the world of sports on the island.

Recently, three Formentera windsurfers —Sergi Escandell, Carlos Cardona and Mateo Sanz— have made headlines for their participation in the world cup for windsurfing currently taking place in China. The head of the sports office wished the local athletes “the best of luck in this trial, which is sure to serve as preparation for October's world championship in Oman. Here's hoping that they will continue on to become our island's very first Olympic athletes”.