Balearic port authority, harbour master accept CiF proposal to have cruise ships dock outside zone II area of port

fondejosThis past Friday, Daisee Aguilera, the Formentera Council's environmental councillor, sent two letters —one to the Balearic port authority and another to Capitanía Marítima, the harbour master's office— proposing an alternative to having tourist cruise ships drop anchor on the Posidonia oceanica field of seagrass that is found in zone II of the la Savina port.

Councillor Aguilera's proposal: that the vessels anchor about one mile northwest of the protected seagrass prairie, in an area whose depth is roughly 40 metres and where there is no Posidonia. “That was the course of action taken by the crew of Star Flyer, which —following the indications of anchoring surveillance and assistance company Pitiusa de Ecología— dropped anchor upon a sandy area of the ocean floor,” explained Aguilera.

The councillor said she was pleased “to be able to reconcile the arrival of tourist cruise ships with the protection of Posidonia,” something Aguilera called “[the Council's] top priority”. She also thanked the consignee of the cruise ship, the Balearic port authority and the harbour master's office — “the entity that authorised anchoring outside of the la Savina harbour”.