Formentera ceases application of high-season water-saving measures

The CiF councillor of environment announced today that from tomorrow, Friday 28 August, the Formentera Council (Consell de Formentera, or CiF) will rescind the municipal proclamation regarding water-saving measures that had been in application during the midsummer months—“the period when water consumption is at its highest”.

Most critical period behind us
Now that the most critical phase is behind us, the administration will resume normal water use. In an attempt to avoid using up local water reserves, from 20 July the Council had applied the following water-saving measures at the internal level:
- Bring irrigation of public gardens to a minimum.
- Reserve water-intensive street cleaning operations for cases of absolute necessity.
- Suspend all dust-control waterings of dirt roads and parking lots.
- Suspend washes of Formentera Council vehicles.
- Apply generalised policies of responsible use and consumption.

Thanks given to the local population
Despite the end of these special measures, Councillor Aguilera stressed that “water is a scarce resource and, such being the case, we must always use it responsibly”. Aguilera thanked the people of the island for their cooperation following the recommendations that were made to private citizens:
- Bring watering of gardens to a minimum.
- Suspend recreational activities that require desalinated water (filling swimming pools).
- Avoid washing vehicles.
- Use water responsibly and reduce consumption to a maximum.

Guaranteed water reserves
“The period when water-use is typically at its highest now being over, and reserves from the Es Ca Marí water treatment plant now standing at roughly 30 percent, we consider that we have a supply that is sufficient to get us through the remainder of the summer without any service interruptions”, indicated the environmental councillor.

Technical failure at summer's start
Aguilera called to mind the breakdown in the desalination plant on 11 June which meant that for several days the supply of treated water was less than the demand. That provoked decreased water reserves in the reservoirs of the island. In consideration of that fact, the Formentera Council, “to avoid leaving reserves at zero, and aware that the second half of July and August are normally periods when water use outstrips desalination plant output”, put in place this internal measures.