112 Emergency Services and Formentera Council sign joint accord for emergency localisation service

conveni112 webRegional Minister of Public Administrations, Maria NĂºria Riera, and Formentera Council president Jaume Ferrer have signed a collaborative accord agreeing to allow Balearic Islands Emergency Services (SEIB112) use of a Formentera Council-created database in order to pinpoint Formentera homes in remote locations and, in so doing, quickly tend to emergency situations.

Given that many homes in Formentera are spread across the island in often underpopulated areas, the Council is in the process of creating a database that assigns each property a specific numeric sequence. Each house's code is linked to its specific GPS coordinates, a telephone number, a photo of the house or property, its number on the cadastral list as well as a handful of other possibly useful information such as road crossings, landmarks, bus stops, beaches, etc. The information will become a part of SEIB112's own database, improving response time and efficacy in emergency situations.

In the creation of the database, the Council's work will consist in the collection of all relevant data and its subsequent transfer to Balearic Islands Emergency Services. The Council will moreover assume responsibility for the continued updating of information to ensure its exactitude. In its cataloguing of telephone numbers, the Council will draft a form in accordance with data-protection standards. Likewise, the project will entail fitting SEIB112 and Council vehicles with the equipment necessary to connect with and use the service.

For the final phase of the process, the SEIB122 will enter the Formentera Council-provided data into the Emergency Services computer system and, in this way, be able to call it up in cases of emergency, simply by searching a specific house's numeric code.

This morning after signing the agreement, the two council members took the opportunity to visit SEIB112 facilities and get a close look at daily operations at the emergency call centre. There to accompany them were Bartomeu Escandell, Formentera's councillor of the Presidential Cabinet, the Tax Office and Territory and Xisco Bosch, director of SEIB112.