Second court ruling to favour CiF's contracting of beachside concessions

Platja Es Pujols PremsaThe administrative litigation chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Balearic Islands (TSJIB) rejected an appeal that questioned the Formentera Council's handling of a 2013 request for bids at beachside concessions. The appeal took issue with the second court of Palma's decision to uphold a 14 June 2013 CiF plenary session accord not to grant concessionary rights for two lots (24 and 26) included in a call for bids for summer concessionaires for the 2013-2020 period.

As Àngel Navarro – general secretary of the Formentera Council – said, that decision, made by the second court of Palma 22 September of last year, can henceforth no longer be appealed. Explained the secretary: «The TSJIB dismissed the appeal of the second court of Palma's 15 December 2014 ruling (number 370), which found that the Council had acted correctly».

The president of the administrative litigation chamber, Fiol Gomila, who issued the sentence, indicated that the rejection of the bids for lots 24 and 26 were indeed founded. In Navarro's words, the CiF's decision was based on «the bidder's failure to demonstrate financial solvency» and the fact that «his offer was not the most profitable». Today's ruling establishes the correctness of action taken by the Formentera Council in its request for tender of the coastline lots and declares payment of legal costs «responsibility of the plaintiff».