Descobreix campaign encourages off-season tourists to Discover Formentera in October

descobreixToday, for the fifth year in a row, the office of tourism of the Formentera Council has rolled out its advertising campaign Descobreix Formentera a l'octubre [Discover Formentera in October]. Together with Discover Formentera in May, the initiative is an off-season push «to woo visitors before and after the traditional summer season; an attempt to show a different, more tranquil side of the island», explained Alejandra Ferrer, Formentera's councillor of tourism. In a special press conference hosted by Ferrer and Carlos Bernús, head of the local tourism advisory board [el Patronat de Turisme], the two officials described a campaign made up of different cultural, sports and gastronomic activities.

Gastronomic weekends
The first and second weekends of October —dubbed els Caps de setmana gastronòmics— will once again serve as an opportunity for nine local restaurant owners to offer fine-dining specials priced at 20 euros. The seventh annual Setmana de fotografia submarina [Undersea photography week], 29 September to 4 October, is another event aimed at attracting tourists outside the central summer months, the two officials explained.

Formentera Zen
New this year is a series of day-long events that promote physical and spiritual well-being through alternative therapy methods. Scheduled to run from 4 to 11 October, Formentera Zen is part of the same effort to tout a different, calmer Formentera. Confided Ferrer: «We are hoping it takes off».

Sporting events
La Volta a peu a Formentera [Walk round Formentera] (9-12 October), the Triathlon (3 October), la Pujada a la Mola cramble to la Mola] (12 October) and the mountain bike ride across la Mola (25 October) comprise the different sporting events of the month, the councillor related. What's more, the local celebrations of la Mola's own patron saint —el Pilar— get under way with live music, traditional dancing and kids activities starting 12 October. The event also includes its very own Oktoberfest not to be missed.

Specials and discounts
In addition to the long list of activities, hotels and overnight stay establishments, sea-based transport companies and other tourist-oriented businesses are taking things one step further to «court tourists at the early and late ends of summer». As Councillor Ferrer reported, all visitors that sign up to take part in Descobreix Formentera a l'octubre will be provided a 25% discount on their ferry ticket from Eivissa, as well as other discounts on lodging and additional special offers.