Formentera welcomes Govern minister of social services on first official visit

vista santiagoEarlier today in the plenary hall of the Formentera Council, CiF president Jaume Ferrer and social welfare and human resources councillor Vanessa Parellada received Fina Santiago, minister of social services and cooperation of the Govern Balear, on her first official visit to the island. Also present at the meeting was Juan Manuel Rosa González, director general of the regional bureau for the elderly and disabled.

Tailor-made facility for the aged on Formentera
As Ferrer explained after the encounter, the day's discussion included the need for an assisted living facility for the aged “that takes into account the particular set of necessities present here on Formentera”. Minister Santiago committed to working with the local administration of Formentera to create just such a facility, despite also indicating that the Govern's financial situation “would have to improve before the residence could become a reality”.

Moreover, the social services minister highlighted a deal struck by which, for evaluations of patients' levels of disability, caregivers make fortnightly visits to Formentera, thus sparing local residents from making the trip themselves. The council has committed to providing a space for the evaluations and covering costs of travel.

Other pacts
Councillor Parellada hailed what she called a good working relationship between the two administrations, noting other agreements made over the course of the day like the guaranteed minimum income (known in Catalan as RMI, or renda mínima d'inserció); the modification of which is slated for the coming year; the renewal of an agreement to provide a social worker specialised in addictions; an assurance to increase funding for the Institut Balear de la Dona —an association which works with female victims of domestic abuse— and a collaborative accord to help offset the costs of an at-home assistance programme. After the press conference, the officials visited the local offices of social services and the Formentera Day Centre.