First official visit to Formentera by Govern president Francina Armengol

equip govern armengolFormentera Council president Jaume Ferrer, joined by the governing team of the administration, gathered today with the president of the Balearic community, Francina Armengol, to celebrate Armengol’s first official visit to the island. President Ferrer and his administration presented the Govern Balear chief with a list of 15 proposals ratified at the most recent Junta de Portaveus (“board of spokespersons”). The items on the list were described by the CiF president as “the principal needs of Formentera, for which the Govern’s collaboration is necessary”.
Sant Ferran school
According to Ferrer, construction of the Sant Ferran school is, given its importance for the island's educational infrastructure, one of the most critical petitions made by Formentera. For her part, Armengol voiced her assurance that she would defend Formenterers’ right to an education and committed to “making the Sant Ferran school a reality as soon as possible”.
The creation of an information desk to assist the public on housing issues (the placement of which has been suggested for the former seat of the Govern Balear in Formentera) was another topic of discussion between members of the two administrations. As the Council president related, other points were the need for new guidelines regulating maritime transport, anchorage along the Formentera coastline and improvements to local infrastructure such as the desalination plant, the water treatment plant, effluent drainage pipes and the implementation of an irrigation pond.
President Armengol indicated she agreed with the Formentera administration’s assessment of local needs, adding: “When there are shared political priorities we are that much more likely to see projects move forward”. The envisioned projects would all be discussed at the upcoming Conferència de Presidents, a gathering Armengol announced was slated for September.
A sustainable island
Armengol also committed to searching for a solution to the issue of transporting waste away from Formentera. In the words of the Govern Balear head: “Just like the Formentera Council, the Govern Balear is taking steps to invest in an economic model based on sustainability. Our hope is that Formentera become a symbol of environmental sustainability for the entire Mediterranean”. Finally, President Armengol asserted that her administration would work toward transferring tourism promotions to the local councils, and that the change would be accompanied by ample financial backing.