Emergency code system in place at 3,300 rural homes

rp plaques premsaThe Formentera Council's office of the presidential cabinet — l'àrea de Presidència — has announced today the end of the first phase of the project to equip homes at remote areas of the island with emergency codes. Councillor of the presidential cabinet, Bartomeu Escandell, said that during this first stage, which began in March, CiF technicians installed 3,300 GPS-equipped plaques at rural Formentera homes so they could be easily-located in case of emergency.

Xavier Vila, director of the company in charge of the project, reached out to Formentera residents and asked all those who haven't yet obtained their plaque to visit the Citizen Information Office (l'OAC) in person, send an email to consell@conselldeformentera.cat or call 971321087 and request one from Formentera Council services.

Geolocation of places of interest
Technicians have now begun the second phase of the project, whose completion is expected sometime in November. As Escandell remarked: «The current phase consists of the installation of roughly 1,000 of the same plaques at roadsides, beaches and other places of interest across the island».

The third stage of the project — application of the tracking system — will take place this winter. According to Escandell, the Council will now carry on to the installation of navigation devices in Council and emergency vehicles and implementation of an initial test period. The councillor commented the purpose of the project is to make for a safer Formentera, saying: «Our goal is to respond as fast as possible to any incident or emergency that might occur at homes or public places on the island».