Maintenance crew heads back-to-school cleaning effort at Formentera schools

brigada mantenimentThe Formentera Council office of infrastructure has ordered maintenance operations to be carried out at the three primary schools of the island — Sant Francesc, Sant Ferran and la Mola. CiF councillor of infrastructure Rafael González explained the Council's goal for the project: “To have everything ready to go for the start of the school year — next Friday, 11 September”.

Coordinating their efforts with the administrations of each school, the Council maintenance crew performed the following duties: “Inside and outside painting of school buildings; checks of electrical wiring, ICT cables and toilets; and playground cleaning and maintenance”.

Replacement of fences
Moreover, twenty-eight thousand five-hundred euros will go toward “the total replacement of the fencing around the Sant Francesc school (Col·legi Mestre Lluís Andreu) and the partial replacement of fencing at schools in Sant Ferran and la Mola,” according to Councillor González. Additionally, at Col·legi Mestre Lluís Andreu CiF workers will complete construction of a new shaded area, a project with a price tag of €10,000. In additional news, the administration has recently been in talks with the Govern Balear to fast-track the different projects that the Balearic regional department of education (la conselleria d'Educació) has committed to carrying out here on the island.