Glitch at Es Pujols pump repaired

Foto passeig maritim es pujolsInfrastructure secretary Rafael González and staffer Xico Ribas met today on Es Pujols's waterfront promenade with Carlos Tur, president of the town's neighbourhood association, to take stock of repairs on one of a pair of pumps at the sewage station there.

Officials at ABAQUA, which manages the station, said a malfunctioning pump was behind weekend leaks of raw sewage at Es Pujols's Passeig Marítim. “The Council's cleaning crews were on the scene from the outset to minimise disruptions,” explained Councillor González, who also highlighted the administration's contact with ABAQUA and area residents in tackling the problem.

According to the local infrastructure head, crews reported a technical glitch at the pump station had been fixed by Monday morning, when the Council sent in a special brigade to finalise cleanup. Addressing residents, local tradespeople and tourists, González said, “We regret the inconveniences caused by an incident of this sort in the heart of summer and hope it doesn't recur”.

González called to mind this winter's overhaul of the sewage system in Es Pujols's town centre which separated storm water from sewage. He asserted the lack of any connection between that project and the current incident.