Workshop aims to make language and local media more equitable

foto 2021 llenguatge no sexistaYesterday afternoon the Formentera Office of Equality and LGTBI Affairs put together a training session on ‘Inclusive and non-sexist language’ for personnel at local media outlets and other islanders whose jobs involve communication. The workshop was given by the FOEL department liaison, Sofia Vergara Levitt.

Councillor Vanessa Parellada started by welcoming attendees of the workshop, which was included in the island’s first Equality Plan (2019-2022). Among the stated objectives are improving perceptions of women and fomenting the use of non-sexist language.

“At the government level, we want to promote actions that support a more egalitarian society”, said Parellada. “This time we’re asking for the media to get involved too so we can all do some soul-searching and see where we can make changes to speak in a way that’s more inclusive”, she continued.

The talk included a colloquium and ideas exchange and gave participants the chance to capacity build and discuss among participants, whom Parellada thanked for their attendance.

28 September 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera