Consell opens up €250,000 in subsidies for cultural heritage in 2020

foto 2020 pedra seca2The Formentera Department of Heritage reports that a call for applications posted yesterday to the BOIB (Official Gazette of the Balearic Islands) outlines subsidies for work involving cultural heritage sites, rehabilitations of drystone walls and projects to bury telephone and other utility cables around Formentera. A total of a quarter of a million euros is available, and the deadline on applications is 31 July. Qualifying projects may have building permits dating as far back as 1 January 2019.

Department chieft Raquel Guasch encouraged eligible islanders to apply for what she described as a “sizeable economic injection to optimise conservation, preservation and elevation of local heritage and, essentially, the things that set us apart as an island”.

Guasch said the assistance was about showing the people of Formentera that local government “supports them in conservation and restoration”. “We want islanders to see the value in showcasing cultural heritage”, she continued, “and to know that they share responsibility for protecting these kinds of sites”.

Cultural heritage sites
With an underlying focus on improving and enriching elements of cultural heritage, the offer proposes help for restoration, conservation, consolidation and rehabilitation, or for work on sites with recognised heritage value (BICs), places of special interest (béns catalogats) or entries in Formentera’s inventory of cultural heritage.

Payouts shall depend on the nature of the protection and action proposed, covering as much as 90% of projected costs, or €50,000, for BICs; 60% of costs under €30,000 for sites with grade B protection; 50% of costs under €25,000 for sites with C protection, or 40% of costs under €15,000 for sites on the cultural heritage inventory.

Restoring drystone walls
Economic assistance for drystone wall rehabilitation applies to repairs performed with traditional materials and techniques, or projects where concrete blocks or other less than apt materials are replaced with traditional drystone walls. Subsidies range from €27 to €90 per metre and vary based on factors like a wall’s location and particular characteristics.

Undergrounding overhead cables
On offer for islanders who bury existing overhead cables, whether telephone lines, medium voltage electrical cables, near sub-stations, from low-voltage distribution systems or individual branches, subsidies cover €45 per metre up to €60,000, under 60% of budgeted costs.

Applications should be sent to the Citizen Information Office (OAC, carrer Ramon Llull, nº6) or Virtual Citizen Information Office (OVAC,

7 June 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera