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Regulació Estany des Peix
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1 Formentera to study proposal to declare underwater mountains of Balearics national park 43777
2 Last cruiseship of summer casts anchor away from protected seagrass 33378
3 Plenary attendants vote to take revised coastal demarcation to Consell d'Entitats 33943
4 Environment minister takes first official trip to Formentera 30002
5 Formentera reaffirms pact with Aliança Mar Blava 30538
6 Heads of regional ecology departments visit Formentera 35393
7 Plenary members agree on outline of 14 projects this legislative session 30513
8 Formentera ceases application of high-season water-saving measures 30169
9 Council backs declaration of Spanish Mediterranean as no-drill zone 29823
10 Fire brigade holds drills in Es Ram area of Formentera 33918
11 Sant Jaume fireworks shelved due to fire risk 30025
12 Roll-out of summertime water-saving measures 33947
13 Firefighters contain second blaze to hit la Mola in two days 34363
14 La Mola wildfire brought under control 30226
15 Balearic port authority, harbour master accept CiF proposal to have cruise ships dock outside zone II area of port 29082
16 Cruise ships in low season “compatible” with posidònia seaweed preservation, says CiF 33040
17 Extra surveillance, drop-off points for rubbish collection in Sant Francesc 33722
18 Five hundred eco-friendly bags handed out among local students 29464
19 Periodic quality checks planned for treatment plant drainage waters 33772
20 Sewer drainage pipe overflow “a tremendous threat to Formentera's brand of tourism” 29341
21 Wildfire burns across 6,000 square metres of countryside in Es Cap 29791
22 Cleaning crews descend upon la Savina canal 29621
23 Residents and tradesmen in Sant Francesc gather, propose ideas on improving waste management 29869
24 Pre-season info session on waste management in San Francisco 29389
25 New tip begins operations 4 May 33297
26 “The Govern Balear is letting Formentera turn into Eivissa's dance floor” 29458
27 Formentera opposes revision that would allow fumigations 30160
28 Abandoned watercraft and platform removed from Estany des Peix 29941
29 Remodel of Frank Jackson children's park complete 29083
30 Beachside recycling translates into 25% increase in plastics collection 29978
31 Anti-erosion measures at Boca de l'Estany dunes in La Savina 29359
32 CiF averts distribution of 1.5 million plastic bags at local businesses 29280
33 Council prevails in first two judgements re: 2013 public tender of 48 coastal plots 28367
34 Causes of water service interruptions on Formentera 29963
35 Formentera firefighters participate in training course on non-standard, electric vehicles 31085
36 Special cleaning operations across Sant Francesc 30275
37 Presentations on draft management plan for protected zone in Ses Salines 31061
38 Checks certify Formentera waters cleanest and clearest in Balearics 30373
39 Twenty-three tonnes of light plastics collected from local beaches 32343
40 Cleaning operations get Es Caló ready for local Sant Agustí festivities 31977
41 Reducing controlled burns, Formentera uses green chipper on organic waste 32380
42 Communiqué from the Formentera Council regarding petroleum exploration 29972
43 Looking ahead to 2015 season, Council asks Bureau of Coastal Demarcation for beachfront permits 30142
44 Location changes for seaside dustbins designed to increase recycling on beaches 30218
45 El Consell millora les instal·lacions del servei de socorristes 30678
46 5 minutes for the environment 29984
47 Concerns regarding high fire risk 31857
48 Formentera Lifeguard and Rescue Services gear up for the 2014 season 32206
49 Pest control at Ses Salines National Park 32376
50 Formentera Council moves Bob Baldon Children's Park within Sant Ferran 31420
51 Telefónica presents proposal for protection of underwater Eivissa-Formentera cable 31654
52 Formentera Office of the Environment steps up cleaning in Es Pujols for Easter 32212
53 Formentera requests special meeting of park board to ensure active participation in PRUG revision 28103
54 Formentera Council begins remodel of children’s park of La Savina 30755
55 Directorate General of the Environment's conservation plans for Ses Salines Natural Park a failure 32040
56 La Savina canal sanitation 30421
57 Formentera Council promotes training for civil defence volunteer corps 30136
58 Office of the Environment sponsors removal of posidònia berms along Es Ca Marí beach 30112
59 Formentera redueix la generació de residus i assoleix un dels millors percentatges de reciclatge de les Balears 30487
60 El Consell de Formentera renova els contenedors d'oli vegetal ubicats als nuclis urbans 29738
61 Nova xarxa d’aigües pluvials a l’avinguda Vuit d’Agost i clavegueram al Carrer de Ponent 29801
62 Formentera presenta les seves al·legacions al projecte de prospeccions petrolieres 28494
63 El Consell de Formentera culmina la campanya de retirada de fibrociment amb excel·lents resultats 29477
64 Formentera insta al Govern Balear a impulsar la declaració de zona d'exclusió marítima 29397
65 1ª Assemblea d'Aliança Mar Blava a Formentera 28701
66 Campanya de neteja litoral a la zona des Ram i s'Estufador 28377
67 Govern Balear commits to studying political and legal implications of inter-island waste transfer 29441
68 Office of the Environment sets in motion special cleaning and maintenance operations on the island 30136
69 Campaign to remove uralite at reduced cost 35845
70 Formentera's water is now apt for human consumption 28551
71 El Consell de Formentera inverteix més de 200 mil euros en la millora de la xarxa d’aigua des Ca marí 30414
72 El servei de recollida de residus “porta a porta” des Pujols supera amb èxit la primera temporada d'estiu 29912
73 Increasingly diversified markets reflected in summertime drop in scooters entering natural park 27604
74 Formentera Council and Aliança Mar Blava, united by a single goal 29200
75 Formentera asks Govern Balear for a fair solution to problem of waste transfer to Eivissa 29539
76 The Balearic Government makes task of protecting posidònia more difficult for Formentera Council 28139
77 Partido Popular reveals gaping lack of knowledge on issues in Formentera 29120
78 Minimum services at Telecentre 28927
79 Council to seek consensus on legal action against prospectors on Pitiüsa coastline 26169
80 Door-to-door commercial waste collection service begins in Es Pujols 28489
81 Process of beach plot contract-awarding was rigorous, transparent; significant improvements made 27174
82 Council continues working towards immediate provision of beach services 28168
83 Regulating watercraft anchorage upon posidònia, subject of debate on Formentera 29306
84 Formentera Council asks for unchanged protection of island's coastline 28644
85 Inici del Pla de Mobilitat del Parc natural de ses Salines de Formentera 27639
86 Preparing Formentera's beaches for the summer season 29298
87 Govern impedes participation of Formentera Council in project to regulate seafloor 26453
88 Govern delays project proceedings in regulation of environmentally-safe anchors, backed by Council 26935
89 Improvements to Es Pujols reservoir ensure water supply for Es Pujols and Sa Roqueta 24833
90 25 mil euros destinats al tractament preventiu de les plagues de ratolins, paneres i moscards 27616
91 Formentera emprèn mesures d’embelliment i manteniment per a l’inici de Setmana Santa 28021
92 El Consell Insular i Aqualia junts en un projecte de recollida d’aigua de la boira nocturna a l’escola 29530
93 El Tribunal Superior de Justícia de Balears desestima la querella que imputava el Consell Insular de prevaricació en el procés de dos concessions de platja 24968
94 Primer any del Centre de descontaminació de vehicles des Cap de Barberia 27315
95 El Consell de Formentera es mostra preocupat pel retall de serveis bàsics d’IBANAT a l’illa 27851
96 Comença la part presencial del curs Mecanismes financers per a la conservació de la biodiversitat a Formentera 26938
97 5 anys de mobilitat sostenible al Parc natural de ses Salines 26763
98 El Consell de Formentera demana el tercer cable submarí entre les Pitiüses per consolidar el subministra elèctric a l’illa 26767
99 El projecte de regulació d’ancoratge d’embarcacions elaborat pel Consell de Formentera avança amb l’obtenció de noves autoritzacions 26709
100 Mecanismes financers innovadors per a la conservació de la biodiversitat 28373

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